About NPHC

The National Pan-Hellenic Council (NPHC) organizations are historically African-American; however, they are open to men and women of all races.

The UT Dallas chapter of the National Pan-Hellenic Council was chartered on Nov. 11, 2001. Membership in an NPHC organization is selective and is a life-long commitment that continues long after your collegiate career. NPHC has graduate/alumni chapters nationwide that students may affiliate with upon graduating.

Interest meetings for each organization vary throughout the fall and spring semester.

How To Join

NPHC fraternities and sororities recruit throughout the year and membership requirements and programs vary by organization. The process referred to as “intake” is highly regulated by each national organization.

Each organization has different requirements for their membership intake process. Each group will host an interest meeting either in the fall or spring semester where a student can officially express their interest and receive details about what is required to attain membership with their group.

At the beginning of each semester, NPHC will sponsor “Showcase,” a program to inform prospective members about each individual organization. During this program, students receive a brief overview of NPHC and each of its member groups and have the opportunity to interact with the different members.


Crest Alpha Kappa Alpha
Chapter Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc.
Founded Jan. 15, 1908
Howard University
UTD Chapter Founded Dec. 8, 2001
Colors Salmon Pink and Apple Green
Symbols Pearls and Ivy
Local Website utdallas.orgsync.com/org/aka1908
National Website aka1908.com

Crest Alpha Phi Alpha
Chapter Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc.
Founded Dec. 4, 1906
Cornell University
UTD Chapter Founded May 3, 2003
Colors Black and Old Gold
Symbols The Sphinx
Local Website  
National Website apa1906.net

Crest Delta Sigma Theta
Chapter Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc.
Founded Jan. 13, 1913
Howard University
UTD Chapter Founded Mar. 29, 1996
Colors Crimson and Cream
Symbols Fortitude, Pyramid and Elephants
Local Website orgsync.com/51423/chapter
National Website dstsigmamu.com

Crest Sigma Gamma Rho
Chapter Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority, Inc.
Founded Nov. 12, 1922
Butler University
UTD Chapter Founded Colony
Colors Royal Blue and Gold
Symbols Poodle
Local Website www.sgrhoplano.org
National Website www.sgrho1922.org