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Sabin Kshattry (left) and Sandeep Kshattry (right) celebrated with Ed Cyprian, who earned his degree in computer science.

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Frank Mangio smiles with pride with his first grandchild to graduate from college, Melissa Mangio, who earned a bachelor's in computer science.

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Commencement capped a year of celebration for the Erik Jonsson School of Engineering and Computer Science, which is 25 years old this year.

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Mohammad Yakin, 5, earned his kindergarten diploma the same day that his uncle, Ahmed Sadeque, earned a PhD in electrical engineering.

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Smitha Krishna Kumar, who will earn her master’s degree in computer science this summer, spends time with her parents at “Memories on the Mall.”

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Jonathan Reeder finished his bachelor’s in mechanical engineering. Reeder met with family and friends at “Memories on the Mall,” a celebration for newly minted alumni.

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Adrian Walker, who earned a bachelor's in software engineering, is one of 430 new alumni of the Erik Jonsson School of Engineering and Computer Science.

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Commencement turns the UT Dallas Activity Center into a throng of celebrating graduates, family members and well-wishers.

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Mahbubullah Murad, who completed a master’s degree in computer science, talks to his family on the phone after his graduation ceremony.

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More than 1,400 undergraduates and almost 1,200 graduate students were set to receive degrees from UT Dallas.

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UT Dallas held six ceremonies to accommodate an increased number of graduates from the University’s seven schools.

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Graduates gathered on the mall after the ceremonies for pictures and congratulations from families and friends.

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Nour Nijem was awarded her PhD in materials science and engineering during Friday’s ceremony for the Erik Jonsson School of Engineering and Computer Science.

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Graduates and supporters celebrated at “Memories on the Mall.”

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Allison K. Sullivan received a bachelor’s degree in software engineering.

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Joohyung Lee juggles a phone and flowers after receiving his BS in electrical engineering.

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Alyssa Phillips, who completed her bachelor’s degree this spring, makes a heart shape with Ben Kennedy, who came to support her.

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Molly Brown (right) received her master’s degree in computer science, and Ahmed Abughazalegh, earned his master’s degree in biomedical engineering.

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McKenna Jackson congratulates her fiancé, Aaron Weberg, who earned his bachelor's in electrical engineering.

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Sameer Arora (left) finished his master’s degree in computer engineering. Malavika Parthan, a graduate student in computer science, is set to complete her own degree soon.