Diploma Distribution


  • At the Commencement Ceremony, bachelors and masters candidates will receive a certificate of congratulations.
  • Diplomas will be mailed to bachelors and masters candidates approximately eight weeks following the Commencement Ceremonies (or the FInal Grading Period, in the summer semester) to the Home Address listed in Orion.
  • The diploma dimensions are 11x14 inches.
  • Diplomas will not be shipped to an international address until a $25 mailing fee has been paid. Please visit UT Dallas Marketplace to pay this fee.
  • Doctoral graduates receive their diplomas at the Commencement Ceremonies. Diplomas for doctoral graduates who do not attend Commencement will be mailed out 10 to 12 business days following the Commencement Ceremonies.
  • The Michael Sutter Company prints diplomas for UT Dallas.  All diplomas are printed and shipped from their Utah headquarters.


Check your Orion account for holds.  All holds MUST be cleared in order to receive your diploma.  If a student clears a hold after the certification date for the term, the student must notify the Graduation Team that the hold has been cleared.  The diploma will only be ordered in the next ordering cycle after the Graduation Team receives the email notification from the student.  Diplomas are ordered on the 15th of each month, or the next business day following the 15th of the month.

Diploma Replacement

If you would like to order an additional diploma or your diploma is damaged or lost, you can pay the appropriate fees and reorder a diploma.  UT Dallas is not responsible for damaged, lost, late or misdirected mail.  Diploma mailers are larger than the average size mailbox which could cause the mailer to be held at your local post office or apartment leasing office, if applicable.

Diploma Names

Starting Fall 2013 all diplomas ordered for graduating students and any Commencement publications will be printed with the legal full name on file with UT Dallas. Diploma re-orders for alumni will be ordered with the full legal name in Orion. Alumni that need to update their full legal name will need to update their full name before placing a diploma re-order through the UT Dallas Marketplace.

Students wishing to change their name with the university must follow the standard name change procedures. This applies to all name changes including those resulting from marriage, divorce, or the correction of incorrect name submissions at the time of admission. This also includes capitalization and punctuation issues.

Names changed after the diploma order has been placed will not be reflected on the diplomas that were ordered. Graduating students should submit changes by the published name change deadline in the semester that they are graduating. Students who miss this deadline will be required to place a diploma re-order and pay the associated fee to have a new copy of their diploma mailed.

Address Changes

Starting Fall 2013 all diplomas will be mailed to 'Home' address on file with UT Dallas. If you need to change your 'Home' address, please update it in Orion by the deadline on the Graduate and Undergraduate graduation checklists.

Addresses changed after the diploma order has been placed may be returned to the university. Once we receive a returned diploma we will contact you to make arrangements to collect your diploma. Diplomas will be kept for 12 months and then they will be shredded.

Updated: June 9, 2014