Facemask Research

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, individuals are required to wear masks. Opaque masks prevent individuals with hearing loss from reading speech cues in listening environments.

Dr. Thibodeau and the hearing health lab have been investigating the impact of transparent window masks. We conducted a study and found a significant benefit of transparent masks when measuring speech recognition for listeners with normal hearing and hearing loss (Thibodeau et al. 2020).

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Dr. Thibodeau and the Hearing Health Members are pleased to welcome, Dr. Regina Tengerino de Souza Jacob to the lab.

Dr. Regina Tangerino de Souza Jacob is a visiting professor from the University of São Paulo (USP), Brazil. She teaches in the USP’s undergraduate and graduate speech pathology and audiology programs, emphasizing auditory rehabilitation and hearing assistance devices. The objective of Dr. Jacob’s time in The Hearing Health Lab will be to acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to conduct independent research in the area of current wireless technology. She also aims to develop expertise in training specialized auditory rehabilitation services that involve two unique formats designed by Dr. Thibodeau, the SIARC, and CAMP-CHAT.



Hearing Optimally at Home

As students return to school this fall, some are attending from home via online connections and some are returning to the classroom for in-person instruction. Wireless technology can be of significant benefit in either situation. Click below for a video about using wireless technology at home or for a handout regarding cleaning instructions when using equipment at school.

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Steps for Passing Transmitters (pdf)