Facemask Research – Please Participate

During this time of extreme health safety, persons are being required to wear face masks which may affect communication. We invite you to participate in a 30 minute survey designed to investigate the effect of different styles of face mask on speech recognition accuracy. You will be asked to type the sentences you hear as they are presented via video with use of different styles of face masks. If you are between the ages of 18 and 64 and live in the US, we greatly appreciate your interest in assisting with this research by clicking on the link below to begin the survey. The survey will close August 1, so we hope you can complete it as soon as possible.

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Projects Submitted for AAA, 2018

The AAA 2018 (formerly AudiologyNOW!) meeting in Nashville will include a wireless technology demonstration by Dr. Thibodeau, Alex Morris, Audrey Taylor, and Ginny Land. These students and 12 other lab members also submitted posters on topics such as bibliotherapy for children with hearing loss, wireless technology for persons with normal and impaired hearing, integrating smartphones with hearing aids for noise reduction apps, battery drain, group delay in wireless systems, online hearing screening tests, speech recognition assessment, educational videos for consumers, personal sound amplifiers, assistive technology in public venues, and wireless connections for cochlear implants.

New Research on Music Training for Toddlers with Cochlear Implants

A study will begin in January to evaluate the effects of music training on the language and interactive skills of toddlers/infants (under age 4) who receive cochlear implants. Two groups will meet for one hour weekly at Callier Richardson to experience one of two types of music training, Suzuki Early Children Education or Classical Music Exposure. Toddlers/Infants with normal hearing will also be recruited to participate. If interested, contact Dr. Linda Thibodeau at [email protected].