Gender Inclusive Housing

Housing and Residential Life at UT Dallas welcomes students of all gender identities and expressions and is committed to providing an equitable and inclusive community for all residents.


Please contact Residential Life to learn about available housing options. It is our goal to provide an affirming and non-discriminatory housing experience.

Community Standards

Applicants who choose to live in gender inclusive housing, agree to the following:

  • The University of Texas at Dallas is committed to providing an educational, living and working environment that is welcoming, respectful and inclusive of all members of the University community, regardless of sex, sexual orientation, gender expression and gender identity.
  • Residents will adhere to all University Housing policies in accordance to Student Code of Conduct, including the Prohibited Discrimination and Sexual Harassment and Misconduct policy.
  • Gender inclusive units may house students of all biological sexes, gender expressions and identities.
  • An inclusive, affirming and comfortable living environment is contingent upon the effort of all roommates and their guests.
  • Residents assist and support roommates and their guests in order to maintain a space that is inclusive, affirming and comfortable.
  • Residents will promote and attempt to use inclusive language within the gender inclusive unit. This includes referring to others by their self-identified gender pronouns.
  • Respect assigned roommates’ different motivations for choosing this living option.
  • Residents are encouraged to have open dialogue with parent(s) or guardian(s) about their choice to reside in a gender inclusive unit.
  • Residents understand they will be removed from the environment if they fail to abide by these standards.
  • Residents are encouraged to visit the Galerstein Gender Center for more information about gender inclusivity at UT Dallas.
  • The Student Counseling Center offers general mental health services, including counseling that is affirming of sexual orientation, gender identity and gender expression.