Residential Technology

University Housing provides residents with high speed wireless internet through Apogee.

Get Connected

Student with laptop

Choose the wireless network "MyResNet" for 5Ghz devices. Choose "MyResNet Legacy" for 2.4Ghz devices.

  1. Open a browser - You will be re-directed to MyResNet splash page.
  2. Select "Click here to continue."
  3. At bottom of page, take note of the MAC address. You will need it later.
  4. Click "Create an account."
  5. Fill in your information.
  6. Select "Add devices."
  7. Select your device and input the MAC address. Repeat for all devices.
  8. Restart device.

Internet Support

internet customer service agent

Apogee provides 24/7 customer support for all of your internet needs.


Temoc with laptop

Apogee's basic 100 mbps/sec service is free and included in the rent. For a faster connection speed, residents can opt into the 200 mbps/sec plan for an additional $100 per semester. Contact Apogee to upgrade.