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Hiring Guide



Hiring Manager (HM [Hiring Manager] )

A Hiring Manager partners with an Employment Specialist (ES [Employment Specialist] ) to drive the recruiting and hiring process. The HM [Hiring Manager] ultimately owns the hiring decision and is ultimately responsible for actively participating in the employment process; including evaluating the position and applicants, managing the budget, and determining outreach.

Employment Specialist (ES [Employment Specialist] )

An Employment Specialist partners with the Hiring Manager (HM [Hiring Manager] ) throughout the recruiting and hiring process. An ES [Employment Specialist] is responsible for all employment activities, guiding the HM [Hiring Manager] through the hiring process to attract top talent to the University. The ES [Employment Specialist] ensures all hiring and compliance protocols are followed, and provides updates and training as needed.

Search Coordinator

A Search Coordinator provides administrative support to the Hiring Manager (HM [Hiring Manager] ) during the recruiting and hiring process. This staff member may be responsible for candidate care, including but not limited to: arranging travel, onsite interviews, phone screens, and paying candidate expenses. A Search Coordinator may also be responsible for dispositioning candidates and closing out requisitions.

Compensation Analyst

The Compensation Analyst performs position and compensation analysis, consulting with the Hiring Manager (HM [Hiring Manager] ) on compensation matters as they relate to position requirements.

Job Description (JD [Job Description] )

A Job Description is a document which details the required (minimum) and desired (preferred) qualifications for a position. It includes the purpose and basic accountabilities for a position.