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Posting a Position

UT Dallas uses an applicant tracking system, PeopleAdmin 7 (PA7 [PeopleAdmin 7] ), to prepare and post positions, gather applications, track recruiting, and track hiring actions.

Note: If you will be using PA7 [PeopleAdmin 7] in your position, and have not been trained in its usage or need additional help, contact an Employment Specialist in the Office of Human Resources for instruction.

After completing the PRR [Position Review and Request] process (above), you are now ready to initiate posting the position via PA7 [PeopleAdmin 7] .

1 Log in to PA7 [PeopleAdmin 7] .
2 Select Create New Staff Posting from the shortcut menu.
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3 Select what you would like to use to create a posting.
  a Create from Job Title: copies general information such as job code, job title, salary grade, salary range, etc… from the job title. More specific information such as position number, FTE [Full-Time Equivalent] , essential functions, and the job summary will need to be added.
  b Create from Posting: copies from an existing or previous posting.
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4 Select the job title to be posted. Use Search to filter by job title or job code.
5 Select the title of the job title to be posted.
6 Review the details. If the details describe the position you intend to post, select Create Posting from this Job Title. (You may edit the posting later in the process, if desired, to reflect specifics for your area.)
  Create Posting from this Job Title
7 Complete all fields on the new posting page and select the Create New Posting button.
  Create New Posting
8 The Edit: Position Details page will open beginning with the Positions Details tab.
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9 Review job information.
10 Update Position Information. Select Next to advance to the next tab.
11 Update Posting Details. Select Next to advance to the next tab.
12 Continue building the posting by completing the fields on each tab as necessary.
13 Forward the completed posting through the workflow according to the required approvals for your department.

Applications will be available for review on the first day of the posting period.

Note: Veterans’ Preference in Employment Position: You may designate a new or replacement position as a veterans’ position and only accept applications for that position from individuals who are entitled to a veterans’ employment preference. In certain instances, these positions do not have to be announced or advertised. For more information, please refer to Employment Preferences.