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Screening Applications

Screening candidates helps ensure that the best-qualified applicants get to the interview stage.

  1. Applications are available at The HM [Hiring Manager] has access to manage the job requisition template and the applicant pool. A guest username and password found in your posting can be provided to others who might need to review it. Log in and view the posting summary to find the Guest User tab for your job posting. Contact your Employment Specialist if you need assistance.
  2. During the Recruitment Planning phase, an ES [Employment Specialist] will help the HM [Hiring Manager] determine the criteria that will be used to screen applicants. These criteria will help you prioritize the applicants for interviewing:
    • Does not meet minimum qualifications —No interview
    • Meets minimum qualifications —May interview
    • Meets minimum and preferred qualifications —Interview
  3. Screening criteria may include:
    • Minimum qualifications
    • Preferred qualifications
    • Completeness of application
    • Submission of additional documentation (e.g.: cover letter, statements of intent, work samples, reference letters)
  4. Methods that may be used to screen applicants include, but are not be limited to:
    • Brief phone interviews
    • Pre-interview reference checks
    • Supplemental questions
    • Work/writing samples
  5. Using supplemental questions, applications may be scored and ranked. During the Recruitment Planning phase, you should determine how supplemental questions will be used to screen, and the minimum score necessary for consideration of a candidate.
  6. Brief phone interviews are a good way to determine if an applicant’s job interests meet the requirements of your position. During the call, the HM [Hiring Manager] may provide a brief preview of the job and confirm the job basics (e.g.: salary range, full-time or part-time, working hours, location, etc…) If the job basics do not match an applicant’s personal job interests, that applicant may remove himself/herself from consideration.
  7. For applicants selected for an interview, change that applicant’s status to “Interview Pending” on All other applications should be dispositioned (have their status changed) according to the reasons why each one was not selected; An applicant’s status should only be changed if you are certain you have no interest in interviewing him/her.