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Reference Checks

As a best practice, references should always be checked before a final decision is made. Reference checks are applicable whether the position is being filled internally or externally. They are a critical part of the selection process. Reference checks can give you information about an applicant’s current and past performance. You may check references at any time during the hiring process.

Download Sample Reference Questions (PDF [Portable Document Format File] )

  1. As a courtesy, inform the applicant before checking his/her references. While references are not required, if the applicant refuses to give permission, the HM [Hiring Manager] may decide to eliminate that applicant from further consideration.
  2. Reference questions should be determined prior to contacting an applicant’s references. Questions should be related to the job, should be able to evaluate strengths and weaknesses, and should be non-discriminatory.
  3. Use the same reference questions with all reference checks.
  4. Appropriate business etiquette should be used when checking references; Remember that you represent The University of Texas at Dallas.
  5. Information gathered from a reference check is considered confidential.