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Hiring Guide


Job Offer

After the final candidate has been selected, the offer is ready to be extended and the requisition should be closed.

  1. Submit a Hiring Proposal after obtaining approval signatures.
    • Job Offer Requests may be subject to an equity review by the Compensation Analyst.
    • The HM [Hiring Manager] may inform the final candidate that he/she is under final consideration, but should refrain from discussing matters of compensation at this point.
  2. A criminal background check will be initiated by an ES [Employment Specialist] , who will need the final candidate’s —
    • name
    • positing requisition ID number
    • email address
  3. An ES [Employment Specialist] will extend an offer to the final candidate, and schedule New Employee Orientation for him/her.
  4. After the the offer has been extended and accepted, the Search Coordinator should change the status of the hired candidate to “Offered Job” on All other applications should be dispositioned (have their status changed) according to the reasons why each one was not selected
  5. The Search Coordinator should inform an ES [Employment Specialist] when all candidates have been dispositioned so the posting requisition status can be changed to “Filled”.
  6. Any notes created as part of the recruiting or hiring process (interview notes, interview questions, selection criteria, tests, test results, etc…) should be forwarded to HR [Human Resources] .