Department Resources

Hiring Temporary Employees


Things to Remember

  1. The Office of Budget and Finance is not involved in the approval process.
  2. A posting to fill temporary positions may be waived if a formal search is not required.
  3. The offer may be extended by the Hiring Manager.
  4. If the position becomes a regular staff or A&P [Administrative & Professional] position, it must be posted following the posting guidelines for regular positions.
  5. The salary of the temporary employee is not guaranteed to remain the same should the temporary employee be selected for the posted regular position. The salary will be determined following the Compensation Standards & Practices for regular staff and A&P [Administrative & Professional] positions.
  6. New Employee Orientation is recommended, but is not required.
  7. Performance Evaluation is recommended, but is not required.
  8. There is not a probationary period for temporary employees.