Employee Service Awards

Every fall semester, employees who reached Service Milestones of 5, 10, 20, 30, 40, and 50 years by the preceding August 31 are recognized in a service award ceremony. In a separate event, employees who reach their 25-year service anniversary are inducted into the distinguished Quarter Century Club. For more information, please see the Employee Service Award Program Policy (UTDBP3092) or contact EmployeeRelations@utdallas.edu.

Service Award Gifts · Retirement Gifts · Eligible Service


Quarter Century Club


Is any of this information out of date?

Please let us know: EmployeeRelations@utdallas.edu

Bowles Sharon Student Counseling Center
Gavva Sandhya Chemistry
Gentsch Joanna Behavioral and Brain Sciences
Goode Dianne Arts and Humanities
Levene Stephen Bioengineering
Liebowitz Stanley Management
Musselman Inga Academic Affairs and Provost
Salazar Homer Student Union
Wildenthal Bryan Executive Vice President
Wissinger Tonja Interdisciplinary Studies


Service Award Gifts

Five year gifts are sent to the Dean or Vice President of your school/division by University Events for distribution. Gifts for 10, 20, 30, 40 and 50 year recipients are presented during the Annual Service Award Ceremony.

If you retire in the same year that you reach a service milestone, you will be sent a retirement gift instead of a service award gift.


Milestone Gift


Coin bearing the UT Dallas Seal

Presented by the Dean or Vice President of your school/division


Coin keychain with the UT Dallas Seal

20-Year Paper weight bearing the UT Dallas Seal
Quarter Century Club Laser-engraved plaque bearing the UT Dallas Seal
30-Year Coaster set bearing the UT Dallas Seal
40-Year Clock bearing the UT Dallas Seal
50-Year Watch bearing the UT Dallas Seal on its face


Retirement Gifts

Human Resources provides University Events with a list of new retirees at the end of each month. University Events mails standardized gifts to retirees in recognition their service. A “retiree” is defined by the UT System Office of Employee Benefits.

If you retire in the same year that you reach a service milestone, you will be sent a retirement gift instead of a service award gift.


FY2017 [Fiscal Year 2017] Service Milestones


Aamir Abbas Office of Information Technology
Alice Ahten Payroll
Zafar Anjum Arts and Humanities
Leslie Asher Bursar Office
Mehmet Ayvaci Management
Anne Barnes Management
Chantele Bell Accounting & Financial Reporting
Neena Bhattatiry Office of Information Technology
Swati Biswas Mathematical Sciences
Gary Bolton Management
Ashley Bradberry Engineering & Computer Science
Charles Brown University Police
Erica Brown Callier Center for Communication Disorders
James Brown Information Security
Bryce Brownlee Contract Administration
Elizabeth Bruce Management
Ricquietta Buckley Student Health Center
Guadalupe Camarillo NS&M Deans Office
Adam Cantwell Payroll
Nellie Caulkins CBH BPI
Stephen Chambers Communications
Roopa Chandrasekhar Learning Technologies
James Chaney Facilities Management
Hsiao-Yu Chen Institute for Urban Policy
Yang-Hsin Chen Learning Technologies
Sanjeev Chitkara Office of Information Technology
Emily Choi Management
Wonjae Choi Mechanical Engineering
Peyton Cogliandro Polk Undergraduate Education
Jill Cohn Academic Affairs and Provost
Marshall Coleman Holocaust Studies
Andrew Cummings Information Security
Natalie Cummings Payroll
Fabiano Da Silveira Rodrigues Physics
Brad Davis Facilities Management
Lisa Davis Bursar Office
Michael Davis Facilities Management
Karen de Olivares Undergraduate Education
Michael Deegan Executive Education
Yvo Desmedt Computer Science
Kyra Detwiler Office of Information Technology
C. Nicole Dickson Bursar Office
Denise Dobbs Management
Jennifer DuGan Engineering & Computer Science
Monique Duncan Undergraduate Education
Colleen Dutton Human Resources
Jessica Elder Career Center
Linda Elgin NS&M Deans Office
David Fenner Office of Information Technology
Joseph Ferrara Science/Math Education
Nancy Finch Engineering & Computer Science
Kerry Flores Behavioral and Brain Sciences
Lisa Flores Callier Center for Communication Disorders
Pamela Foster Brady Executive Education
Julianne Fowler Communications
Karen Garcia Bioengineering
Lacey Garner Career Center
Creshona George Payroll
Vibhav Gogate Computer Science
Cristina Gonzalez Undergraduate Education
Amber Gray Payroll
Ambra Gray Payroll
Nancy Guardado Callier Center for Communication Disorders
Ayfer Gurun Management
Randall Guttery Management
Michael Harmon Office of Information Technology
Robert Hart Mechanical Engineering
Kimberly Hartmann CBH Community Relations
Seth Hays Bioengineering
Daniel Hernandez Fraternity & Sorority Life
Nicholas Hinojosa Management
Sonia Hristova Nanotech Institute
Brittany Huber Development & Alumni Relations
Shawna Jackson Callier Center for Communication Disorders
James Jasper Athletics
Steven Jestis Office of Information Technology
Anoja Jeyakumar NS&M Deans Office
John Johnson University Police
Neil Johnson Management
Elena Katok Management
Tommy Kim Management
Lindsay King Physics
Ryan Kleinfall Records and Registration
Jennifer Klunk Mechanical Engineering
Laura Krietemeyer Management
Dmitri Kuksov Management
LaKisha Ladson Engineering & Computer Science
Amin Lalani Science/Math Education
Jerry Latson Office of Information Technology
Kristen Lawson Management
Sonia Leach Management
Anna LeBlanc Development & Alumni Relations
Asli Leblebicioglu Economic, Political, & Policy Sciences
Jiyong Lee Chemistry
Jana Leeper Management
Bin Li Management
Jun Li Management
Meng Li Management
Na Li Nanotech Institute
Ningzhong Li Management
Zhiqiang Lin Computer Science
Adam Lingo Office of Information Technology
Kathy Lovelace Executive Education
Amber Mahler Living Learning Communities
Christine Malina-Maxwell Office of Information Technology
Steve Martindell Analog Center
Johnathon Martinez Management
Melanie McCollom Human Resources
Sean McComber Arts, Technology, and Emerging Communication
Steven McWilliams Behavioral and Brain Sciences
Sheretha Measells Payroll
Gregory Melton Activity Center
Ryan Meyers Office of Information Technology
Richard Mills Material Science Engineering
Susan Minkoff Mathematical Sciences
Angelika Minter University Police
Jeffrey Mirro Accounting & Financial Reporting
Victoria Morales Records and Registration
Elena Morten Parking & Transportation Srvcs
Shivani Narain Office of Information Technology
Lonnie Nealy Financial Management Services
Marlene Nguyen Electrical Engineering
Matthew O’Neill Residential Life
Ebenezer Oladimeji Computer Science
Andrew Ona Behavioral and Brain Sciences
Rachel Ortega Communications
Kathryn Owens System Engineering
Kelli Palmer Biological Sciences
Kristen Palmiere University Library
Carlos Palomino Arts and Humanities
Alexander Pierce Academic Affairs and Provost
Bonnie Pitman EOD Institute for Art History
Cindy Pitney Arts, Technology, and Emerging Communication
Siavash Pourkamali Anaraki Electrical Engineering
Mark Powell Engineering & Computer Science
Shalini Prasad Bioengineering
Alice Presti Arts and Humanities
Rene Prieto Arts and Humanities
Debra Pylate Behavioral and Brain Sciences
Seanne Rackal-Childs Bursar Office
Marie Raines Executive Education
Hanumantha Reddyhalli Narasegowda Office of Information Technology
Garry Rhymes Facilities Management
George Rials CBH BPI
Lisa Richards Callier Center for Communication Disorders
Roberta Rocheleau Human Resources
Danieli Rodrigues Bioengineering
Alexander Rodriguez University Library
Linda Rolison Management
Elizabeth Rugg Graduate Studies
Robin Russell Communications
Morgan Rutledge Enrollment Services
Victoria Sanchez CBH BPI
Lisa Sanderson Enrollment Services
Alessio Saretto Management
Una Scott University Library
Jonathan Shapiro Research
Hanish Sharma Office of Information Technology
Kristi Shewmaker Development & Alumni Relations
Elizabeth Shipley Financial Aid
Aparna Shrivastava Engineering & Computer Science
Amanda Siegfried Communications
Nicole Simmons Medical Devices
Amriteshwar Singh Electrical Engineering
Dana Sisco CBH Chapman
Ronald Smaldone Chemistry
Colleen Smith Engineering & Computer Science
Jeff Smith Arts, Technology, and Emerging Communication
Jennifer Smith International Center
Michael Snyder Learning Technologies
Jerome Solis Research
Yonas Tadesse Mechanical Engineering
Aaron Tate CBH BPI
Robert Taylor Economic, Political, & Policy Sciences
Sara Taylor Callier Center for Communication Disorders
Jenna Temkin Student Counseling Center
Richard Terhune NS&M Deans Office
Julieta Terry Material Science Engineering
Christina Thompson H. Wildenthal Honors College
Cynthia Tralmer Research
Erin Venza CBH Chapman
Juan Viesca Facilities Management
Jeremy Visconti Enrollment Management
Leonard Warren Research
Shilyh Warren Arts and Humanities
Janet Washington CBH Chapman
Jessica Watts Development & Alumni Relations
Linda Webb Callier Center for Communication Disorders
Aaron Welch Engineering & Computer Science
Wray Weldon Enrollment Management
Leah Kim West Facilities Management
Ashley Willess Engineering & Computer Science
Alecia Williams Career Center
Patricia Williams Engineering & Computer Science
Bethany Wilson Arts and Humanities
Robert Wright Management
Ying Xie Management
Ramachandra Yennam Office of Information Technology
Chuanwei Zhang Physics
Yuan Zhang Management
Min Zhao Office of Information Technology
Kathy Zolton Management
John Zweck Mathematical Sciences
Hubert Zydorek Management

Alfred Abundo Center for Brain Health
Amanda Aiuvalasit Graduate Studies
Shawn Alborz Management
Jerry Alexander ECS Student Services
Barbara Ashmore Interdisciplinary Studies
Avery Ausborne Enrollment Services
Paula Austell Development & Alumni Relations
John Barden Management
Paul Battaglio Economic, Political, & Policy Sciences
Michele Brown Material Science Engineering
Valerie Brunell H. Wildenthal Honors College
Thomas Campbell Behavioral and Brain Sciences
Catherine Challenger Nanotech Institute
Kyeongjae Cho Material Science Engineering
Michael Christiansen Computer Science
Kortysheima Coleman Office of Administration
Kutsal Dogan Management
Howard Dover Management
Gloria Eby Geosciences
Alexander Edsel Management
Stephenie Edwards Information Security
Blair Flicker Academic Affairs and Provost
Kimberly Flicker McDermott Student Programs
Deborah Flynn Executive Education
Agapito Garcia Financial Aid
Ann Geers Behavioral and Brain Sciences
Kimberly Goodfriend Office of the President
Tarita Graham Office of Administration
Treva Gray Callier Center for Communication Disorders
Xiaohu Guo Computer Science
Kevin Hamlen Computer Science
Kellie Hanford Student Transition Programs
Katherine Harabis Student Health Center
John Harvey Office of Information Technology
Charles Hazzard Management
Christopher Hinkle Material Science Engineering
Jason Hirsch Athletics
Russell Hulse Science and Engineering Education Center
Calvin Jamison Office of Administration
Kamran Khan Computer Science
Michael Kormanik Enrollment Management
Tomislav Kovandzic Economic, Political, & Policy Sciences
Shari Kwon Callier Center for Communication Disorders
Shelley Lane Undergraduate Education
Vickie Lincoln Research
Yang Liu Computer Science
Ingrid London Enrollment Services
Chona Lucas Behavioral and Brain Sciences
Javier Maldonado Facilities Management
Walter Manning Enrollment Management
Troy McFarland Receiving and Mail
Won Namgoong Electrical Engineering
Ricki Nelson Inventory and Surplus Control
Suzanne Newsom Electrical Engineering
Mary Partain Living Learning Communities
Elizabeth Pickett Biological Sciences
Ken Pinckley Enrollment Management
Rena Piper Development & Alumni Relations
Valery Polkovnichenko Management
Laurie Pollock Interdisciplinary Studies
Monica Powell Management
Manuel Quevedo-Lopez Material Science Engineering
Gil Ramos University Police
Miguel Angel Razo-Razo Computer Science
Michael Rebello Management
Michael Ridgeway Facilities Management
Kelly Robinson Callier Center for Communication Disorders
Preston Robinson University Police
Amanda Rockow Office of Public Affairs
Francisco Rodriguez Facilities Management
Narcely Ruiz Galerstein Gender Center
Margaret Russell Management
Mark Salmon Office of Information Technology
Salvador Santos University Police
Deborah Sauer Facilities Management
Lydia Selvidge Chemistry
Hongying Shi Office of Information Technology
Morgan Shockey Office of Information Technology
Jay Silber Facilities Management
David Simcoe Callier Center for Communication Disorders
Billy Simpson Office of Information Technology
Kevin Siqueira Economic, Political, & Policy Sciences
Amanda Smith Dean of Students
Tonya Smith Computer Science
Amandeep Sra Chemistry
Vijayanthi Srikanth Engineering & Computer Science
Mihaela Stefan Chemistry
Karen Stepherson International Center
Melissa Stokely Office of Information Technology
Van Tran Office of Information Technology
Wing Tsang Management
Rosalinda Valenzuela Academic Bridge Progam
Cathy Van Noy Undergraduate Education
Lynne Vieraitis Economic, Political, & Policy Sciences
Ru-Hung Wang Chemistry
Wei-Jen Wang Executive Education
Cassandra Warren Development & Alumni Relations
Gregory White Inventory and Surplus Control
Jonathan White SUAAB/Meteor Theatre
Stephanie Williams Financial Management Services
Elizabeth Winstead Interdisciplinary Studies
Wen-Ho Yu Biological Sciences

Leon Benavidez Print Shop
Michael Biewer Chemistry
Cathy Bittner Behavioral and Brain Sciences
Thomas Brikowski Geosciences
Cheryl Friesenhahn Bursar Office
Andrea Fumagalli Electrical Engineering
Juan Gonzalez Biological Sciences
Rodolfo Hernandez-Guerrero International Center
John Jackson Undergraduate Education
Varghese Jacob Management
A Helen Kenedi Behavioral and Brain Sciences
Wen-Yuan Kuo Office of Information Technology
Steven Lucas Research
Gloria Muhammad Development & Alumni Relations
Jorge Portillo Facilities Management
Ravi Prakash Computer Science
Regina Rollins Callier Center for Communication Disorders
Jach Ross Undergraduate Education
Suresh Sethi Management
Lucien Thompson Behavioral and Brain Sciences
Randall Valentin Enrollment Management
Kreg Walvoord University Library
Jennifer Zientz CBH BPI

Brian Berry Economic, Political, & Policy Sciences
Fred Curchack Arts and Humanities
George Eicke Facilities Management
Lowell Kiel Economic, Political, & Policy Sciences
Diane McNulty Management
Carole Mikoryak Biological Sciences
Lawrence Reitzer Biological Sciences

Zsuzsanna Ozsvath Arts and Humanities
John Santrock Behavioral and Brain Sciences

Is any of this information out of date?

Please let us know: EmployeeRelations@utdallas.edu


Eligible Service


  1. UT Dallas service as a staff, faculty or research/teaching assistant of 0.25 FTE [Full-Time Equivalent] or greater for at least 4 ½ months.* [Research/Teaching Assistants and Visiting Professors may received credit for time worked; See #3.]
  2. A nine-month faculty appointment would constitute one year of service.
  3. *Research/Teaching Assistants (RA/TA [Research/Teaching Assistants] ) and Visiting Professors will receive credit for time worked if they are hired into a regular position and worked both semesters in the fiscal year in which they were an RA/TA [Research/Teaching Assistants] or Visiting Professor.
  4. A leave of absence (LOA [Leave of Absence] ) will not count against time worked unless the employee was out more than six (6) consecutive months.
  5. Lecturers in a “temp” status will receive service credit if teaching in both semesters of the academic year at a 0.25 FTE [Full-Time Equivalent] or greater.
  6. Breaks in service are combined to calculate total service credit (i.e.: a service period of 1970-1974 and 1980-1986 would equal 10 years of service).


  • Service performed as casual labor or temporary employee.
  • Service as a student employee.
  • Service with any other agency of the State of Texas.
  • Service with any other component institution in the University of Texas System.