Long Term Care Insurance Billing Changes

On August 15, 2016, CNA will mail a notice (PDF [Portable Document Format File] ) to employees enrolled in the Long Term Care (LTC [Long Term Care) insurance plan explaining their LTC premium payment will move to direct bill September 2016. The last payroll deduction will be August 2016. Retirees enrolled in LTC are already on the direct billing arrangement.

Aside from the letter’s primary purpose telling enrollees that their premium is moving to direct bill, the letter also confirms several other important details:

For coverage cancellations due to non-payment or self-cancellation, enrollees may be eligible for a future benefit guarantee. If eligible (must have had at least three years of continuous coverage under the Policy) CNA will mail the enrollee a Non-Forfeiture Rider (PDF [Portable Document Format File] ) explaining the benefit provisions.

Future Premium Rate Increases – September 2017

As previously communicated by OEB [Office of Employee Benefits in the July AE newsletter, various other AE [Annual Enrollment materials, and expounded on in the August newsletter, effective September 2017, CNA will increase premium rates spread over a two year period totaling 95.5%. CNA is wholly responsible for communicating the premium rate increase to impacted members (in 2017). As a result of the premium increase, participants may be entitled to what CNA refers to as a Contingent Non-Forfeiture Benefit (PDF [Portable Document Format File] ) It’s a fairly detailed option which CNA will include in their future communications and it allows a person to reduce their benefits if they are unwilling or unable to pay their premium due to a premium increase. Applicable provisions are numerous, so please feel free to review the document at your own leisure.

Lastly, all questions and/or inquiries about the LTC [Long Term Care plan should be referred to CNA’s various Customer Service units:


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