Hiring Freeze FAQ



How do I determine if a position is affected by the hiring freeze?

The source of funding used to pay the position’s salary determines whether it will be affected by the hiring freeze. Positions using a fund code of 2XXX are impacted by the hiring freeze and will need further review before they can be advertised or filled. Positions using fund codes 3xxx, 4xxx or 5xxx are not subject to the hiring freeze.

You can view the fund code of a cost center in Budgets Overview in PeopleSoft (Gemini Financials). If you don’t have ready access to the fund code field, funding can be determined by checking the fourth digit of the paying cost center. If the fourth digit is “2” the position is subject to the hiring freeze (e.g., 44122001 = state funded). Cost centers with the fourth digit of “3,” “4,” and “5,” are exempt.


I have a position that is affected by the hiring freeze. What are my options?

Unfortunately, not many options are available. The Budget Office is concluding an evaluation of all positions being recruited through PeopleAdmin and those received by Human Resources on January 31, 2017 to determine which positions are included in the freeze. Human Resources will advise you of the staff positions that can continue to be recruited based on the Budget Office review. Questions on faculty recruiting will be handled by the Provost’s office and questions related to student hiring should be directed to the career center. You will also be notified if the Budget Office is unable to justify exclusion from the hiring freeze.

Currently advertised positions that are subject to the hiring freeze will be closed in PeopleAdmin and salary savings for the remainder of FY 2017 will be transferred from the departmental cost center to a central holding cost center to await transfer back to the State.

The Budget Office will contact your fiscal officer before the transfers are initiated.


Can I hire student workers?

Yes, although no State funding (fund 2xxx) can be used to pay the salaries. The Career Center or the Budget Office can assist departments in identifying cost centers not impacted by the hiring freeze that can be used to support student wages.


Can I create new positions?

Yes. Departments can continue to create and recruit new positions as long as they are not funded from State (2xxx) fund codes. The Budget Office will continue the practice of reviewing all new positions to ensure that sufficient recurring funding is available to support the position.


Can I fill vacant positions with temporary employees during the hiring freeze?

Yes, as long as departments follow existing Human Resource procedures regarding temporary hires and do not use state (2xxx) funding.


What will happen to my State funded positions that are vacated during FY 2017?

The Budget Office reviews vacant position in PeopleSoft each month. As soon as a State funded position is flagged as vacant, the salary savings for the remainder of the year will be calculated and transferred from the departmental operating cost center to a central holding cost center to await transfer back to the State. This position must remain vacant through August 31, 2017 unless a waiver is granted to fill the position sooner.


If I have a frozen position, will my budget be reduced for FY 2018?

No. If a position is held vacant due to the hiring freeze, that position’s funding for the remainder of FY 2017 will be returned to the State. However, your original annual funding amount will be restored effective September 1, 2017 and the position can be filled at that time.


Can I change a position’s funding source before the employee vacates to avoid the hiring freeze?

No. The Budget Office will be closely reviewing all funding changes impacting state funds. Any attempt to circumvent the hiring freeze will be stopped.


Can I continue transferring faculty effort between research grants and State funds?

Yes. These internal funding transfers are not subject to the hiring freeze. However, these transfers will continue to be subject to review by the Office of Post Award Management and the Budget Office.


Will mid-year exceptional merit and/or mid-year one-time merit payments still be awarded?

Yes. These annual programs are not related to the hiring process and are not impacted by the hiring freeze. Recommendations are currently being reviewed by Human Resources and approved awards will be processed in March with an April 1st payment date.


Can I request a waiver from the hiring freeze?

Departments who believe they have extenuating circumstances or a vacant position that is deemed critical to the continued operation of the department or the university may submit a waiver request to Rosemary Walton at Rosemary.Walton@utdallas.edu.

Waiver requests should include the following information: 1) position title, 2) currently budgeted salary, 3) salary funding sources if the position is paid from multiple cost centers, 4) explanation of the critical nature of the position, 5) any secondary savings that will be realized if this position is filled.

Waiver requests will be reviewed by a committee comprised of the Executive Vice President, Interim Provost, Vice President for Budget and Finance, and Associate Vice President for Human Resources. If the committee determines a waiver request from the Governor’s office is necessary and appropriate, a recommendation will be forwarded to Dr. Benson for his consideration. Dr. Benson will submit all waiver requests to the Governor’s office on behalf of UT Dallas.

Departments should be aware that Dr. Benson’s submission of a waiver request to the Governor’s office does not indicate approval. Only the Governor’s office can grant approval for a waiver.


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