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UT Dallas - Human Resources

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Active Military Duty

Employee Called to Active Military Duty

Medical plans offered by U.T. Dallas may exclude benefits for any services or supplies for injuries sustained while on active duty.  Please be aware of this exclusion as you make insurance decisions.

While on military leave without pay PDF you may continue insurance coverage for yourself and/or covered dependents. You must pay the portion that is usually paid by the state, as well as any out-of-pocket expenses. If the total monthly premium is not paid when due, coverage will be cancelled. Also, if your final paycheck does not cover your insurance deductions, you must submit a payment or your coverage will be cancelled.

Required Documents

  • Leave of Absence (LOA) form (sent to you by Benefits Rep)
  • Copies of military orders – department will attach to PAF when placing employee in Leave Without Pay status

Dependent Called to Active Military Duty

If your dependent is called to active military duty, they no longer meet the definition of an eligible dependent. Therefore, you must drop them from all coverage.

When your dependent is discharged from active military duty, you may reinstate all coverage in which they were previously enrolled, as long as the Dependent still meets the definition of an eligible dependent (e.g., under age 25 and unmarried). Contact your Benefits Rep for more information.

Required Forms

Contact Us

E-mail us at or to speak with your Benefits Representative, click on the above Contact Us link. We strive to respond to calls and e-mails within one business day throughout most of the year. During our peak periods however, it may take two business days for us to respond. Peak periods include the start and end of each semester and the month of July.