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UT Dallas - Human Resources

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Academic & Faculty Supplement Title Codes

Click on the section heading in the respective table to sort the order of the information appearing in the table.

Job Code Academic Title
F00001 Regental Professor
F00002 Endowed Chair
F00003 Endowed Professorship
F00004 Professor and Program Head
F00005 Professor and Master
F00008 Ida Green Professor
F00009 Margaret F. Jonsson Professor
F00010 Professor
F00011 Distinguished Scholar in Residence
F00012 Visiting Professor
F00013 Founders Professor
F00014 Professor Emeritus
F00015 Adjunct Professor
F00016 Professor on Modified Service
F00017 Professor and Director
F00018 Ashbel Smith Professor
F00019 Clinical Professor
F00020 Associate Professor
F00021 Associate Professor and Program Head
F00022 Visiting Associate Professor
F00025 Adjunct Associate Professor
F00026 Associate Professor Modified Service
F00029 Clinical Associate Professor
F00030 Assistant Professor
F00032 Visiting Assistant Professor
F00033 Research Professor
F00034 Research Associate Professor
F00035 Adjunct Assistant Professor
F00036 Research Assistant Professor
F00039 Clinical Assistant Professor
F00040 Instructor
F00041 Teaching Associate
F00042 Faculty Associate
F00043 Assistant Instructor
F00044 Clinical Lecturer
F00046 Clinical Lecturer/Research Scientist
F00047 Senior Lecturer III
F00048 Senior Lecturer II
F00049 Senior Lecturer I
F00050 Lecturer II
F00051 Lecturer I
S00061 Teaching Assistant
S00070 Undergraduate Assistant
F00071 Practice Teaching Specialist
F00072 Physical Activities Specialist
F00076 Teacher
F00080 Continuing Education Instructor
F00900 Endowed Professor, McDermott UT System Chair
F00905 Endowed Professor/Micro Electronic Chair
F00907 Endowed Chair-Commun Disorder
F00908 Endowed Chair - Telecommunications
F00910 Teacher - Career Bonus
F00915 Ashbel Smith Professor, Management
F00935 Endowed Prof Cecil Prof Foreign
F00936 Nelle C Johnston Chair
F00937 Lundell Professorship of Life Sciences
F00938 Robert A Welch Chair - Chemistry
F00939 Endowed Chair, Education Engineering Faculty, Engineering & Computer Science #2
F00940 Endowed Chair, Education Engineering Faculty, Engineering & Computer Science #1
F00941 Andrew R. Cecil Chair and Applied Ethics Supplement
F00942 Cecil H & Ida Green Chair in Systems Biology #2
F00943 Distinguised University Chair School of BBS
F00945 Green Distinguished Chair in Biology Science
F00946 Cecil H & Ida Green Chr Sys Biology
F00952 Andrew Cecil Chair
F00956 Smith Distinguised Chair
F00957 T Boone Pickens Distinguished Chair Brain Health
F00960 Chair in Arts Humanities #1
F00961 Professorship
F00962 Distinguished Professor

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