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UT Dallas - Human Resources

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Dismissal (Demotion & Suspension)

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Every employee of the University is expected to know and understand the performance criteria for their particular job with all rules, procedures and standards of conduct. Employees who do not fulfill the responsibilities set out by such performance criteria, rules, procedures and standards of conduct may be subject to adverse personnel actions such as demotion, suspension without pay or dismissal. Certain employees may not fall under the scope of this University policy. For specifics as to who is covered, consult Section II of the policy.

The decision to take one of these actions should not be made in haste. It requires serious attention and action. Such decisions should always be made in consultation with Employee Relations staff of Human Resources.

Conduct Subject to Demotion, Suspension or Dismissal

  • The failure of an employee to maintain satisfactory work standards can constitute cause for disciplinary action, including dismissal. Work performance includes all aspects of the employee's work.
  • Employees who fail to maintain standards of conduct suitable and acceptable to the work environment can also constitute cause for disciplinary action, including dismissal.

Supervisors who are considering suspension, demotion or dismissal must carefully investigate the matter before proceeding to action. All three disciplinary actions require a two step process that must be followed. This following information is a summary of the Discipline and Dismissal policy PDF , Section III, paragraphs C through E.

  1. Notice of intent - According to University policy, the supervisor will conduct a "predisciplinary hearing" to inform the employee of the supervisors intent to proceed with a disciplinary action of suspension, demotion or termination. This "hearing" should be informal. It may be communicated in person or in writing and should include the proposed disciplinary action and the basis for this proposed action. The employee must be given a reasonable amount of time to respond to the supervisor and provide evidence why the proposed disciplinary action should be rescinded.
  2. Final notice - Once the employee responds to the supervisor's notice of intended action, it is up to the supervisor to review the response and determine if the evidence presented is sufficiently compelling to rescind the intended action. If they are not persuaded by reasons offered by the employee, the supervisor will notify Human Resources staff and obtain the approval of the appropriate department head or equivalent before proceeding with the proposed disciplinary penalty. Once all notifications and approvals are made, the supervisor will, in writing, inform the employee of the decision to impose the penalty along with the reasons for the disciplinary action, effective date, and the employee's right of appeal.

Classified employees have the right appeal to appeal a disciplinary action involving one the above three actions. Employees should review Section IV of the policy. Employee Relations staff from Human Resources are available to assist the employee and answer questions about their rights and the appeal process under the University policy.

It is the policy of The University of Texas at Dallas to encourage fair, efficient and equitable solutions for problems arising out of the employment relationship and to meet the requirements of state and federal law. The above guidelines and cited policies reflect the efforts of Human Resources to ensure that such actions take place. All Classified and Administrative and Professional staff are at-will employees who serve without tenure. No provision of any UT Dallas policy shall confer rights to employees that are contrary to the employment-at-will doctrine.

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