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UT Dallas - Human Resources

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Annual Performance Appraisals

According to University job performance policy, "all classified and administrative and professional (A&P) staff will have their job performance evaluated on an annual basis." Annual reviews are conducted during the first quarter of each calendar year and due into the Office of Human Resources by the 5th working day of April.

The purposes for the annual performance appraisal include but are not limited to the following:

  • To align the responsibilities of each job with the mission of UTD and the mission of the employee's department.
  • To encourage open communication between the supervisor and their staff.
  • To document employee growth and development needs as well as achievements.
  • To support analysis and decisions related to staffing, compensation and training.

Fundamentally, the annual appraisal is designed to serve as a tool that helps supervisors increase productivity, communicate expectations, establish goals for the coming year, and report the employee's success in meeting the past year's performance expectations. One of the most common mistakes supervisors make with regard to the appraisal process is that that they fail to treat it as a process. The completion of the Annual Performance Appraisal form is a small part of the appraisal process.  In its most productive form, performance appraisal is actually a continuous, year-round practice of exchanging information between the supervisor and employee that begins and ends with the formal annual performance appraisal meeting.  The most highly motivated, productive employees are those who know what they are supposed to do and how well they are doing it, who participate in planning how their work will be accomplished and who have open, honest rapport with their supervisor. Supervisors are strongly encouraged to make the annual review meetings participative and collaborative. Employees are encouraged to use the sample self-evaluation tool as a part of their preparation for the review meeting.

All employees who receive an annual review should sign the review to indicate they have read it. The employee's signature does not indicate agreement only that the employee has read and received the annual review from their supervisor. If employees have questions or concerns about the review they received, they should contact Employee Relations staff. Watch for announcements starting in January of each year and running through March concerning classes for supervisors and employees on the annual performance appraisal process at UT Dallas.

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