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UT Dallas - Human Resources

HR Report Card

How are we doing?

Complete the HR Customer Service Survey. It is anonymous and will take 5 minutes or less!

Take the HR Customer Service Survey here.


One of the goals of the UT Dallas HR team is to support the campus community with excellent service. We assess our progress toward this goal by inviting community members to share their perceptions of our service by completing our HR Customer Service Survey every time they interact with a member of the HR team. After the end of each calendar quarter, survey results for the quarter are compiled and the resulting "report card" is published here. Detailed survey results, along with any additional comments, are shared by HR team leaders with team members. Our "grade" and your comments are discussed in team meetings, a product of which are action plans designed to improve our service.

Results for the last calendar quarter

Just over 80% of survey participants perceived HR's overall customer service to be "acceptable" or higher during the first quarter 2010 reporting period, which is a 7% improvement over the fourth quarter of 2009. Over 55% rated HR's service to be good or very good, while about 19% graded our service as poor or very poor. Fifty three surveys were returned for the period of January through March 2010. Several survey responses included very positive comments, however no negative comments were provided during the quarter. While this fact limits our ability to identify specific areas for improvement, we will spend time during the next quarter emphasizing general improvements to customer service by having several of our staff attend the "Catch Comet Pride" customer service training. Our total "acceptable" or higher score for the 1st quarter of 2010 has improved compared to the total "acceptable or higher score for the same quarter in 2009, (80.9 versus 75.1).

The HR Customer Service Survey

The HR Customer Service Survey began in 2006 as an annual survey and evolved into the current web-based survey. It is available to the campus community 24/7 and allows customers to provide feedback while the customer service experience is fresh in their minds.

Survey results are evaluated at the end of each calendar quarter. HR's service is graded on the basis of:

  • The quality of our response
  • The timeliness of our response
  • Our courtesy and politeness
  • Your overall satisfaction with your interaction with HR.

We also review any individual comments provided by our customers. The results are discussed in team meetings and action plans are developed to improve our service. From the standpoint of these metrics, our goal is to see fewer customers providing an evaluation of poor or very poor service, and more customers giving us a rating of good or very good service.

The survey continues to play an important role in helping HR team members identify strengths and weaknesses in customers' perceptions of services provided by HR, so you are encouraged to take the anonymous survey each time you interact with HR. You can take the HR Customer Service Survey here.

The HR Report Card

We developed this report card format to let the campus community know that service excellence is very important to HR. The results for each of the individual survey questions are averaged to provide us with an overall "grade" for the calendar quarter.

Thank you for helping us serve you better, and please continue to participate in the survey.

For more information, about the HR report card, please contact Colleen Dutton, Assistant Vice President.