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UT Dallas - Human Resources

Faculty and Staff Work Climate Survey

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To view a survey report, please select the appropriate link:

2006 Work Climate Survey Report

2008 Work Climate Survey Report

2010 Work Climate Survey Report

For more information about work climate issues, contact David Gleason or Colleen Dutton .


In 2006 Human Resources began a series of biennial surveys of the university's faculty and staff perceptions of the UT Dallas work climate. The survey process identifies areas where the University can partner with faculty and staff to improve the working environment.

Characterizing work climate change as a partnership recognizes that both the University and the individual faculty and staff member play roles in making positive climate change a reality. While the University secures resources and allocates them in response to changing political and societal needs, faculty and staff may be consumers of benefits and compensation, providers of education and research services, and supervisors of other faculty and staff. At any point in time, one's perception of the work climate is function of a complex set of relationships; and it is important for the university to know what those perceptions are. These periodic surveys are an early step in the process of discovering, understanding, and making appropriate changes to the work climate.