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UT Dallas - Human Resources

Leave of Absence


Leave of Absence Policies are located in section D6 of the Policies and Procedures Manual

A Leave of Absence (LOA) is processed when an employee has requested and received approval for an unpaid absence from work. Administrative Areas must complete a PAF thus placing the employee on LOA.

Required Form:

Personnel Action Form (PAF)


  • Employees earning vacation and sick leave must exhaust all paid leave, including sick leave pool hours, before moving to an unpaid leave status. However, an employee on Workers'Comp may freeze their leave balances and be placed on LOA while receiving Worker's Comp benefits. Employees receiving a Short Term Disability benefit may also freeze their vacation leave balance.
  • A faculty member's sick hours may remain intact while on a faculty development leave.
  • Leave of Absence must span at least 30 days before you process the LOA PAF PDF. If an employee's time off does not span 30 days, then you should complete a PAF to stop the current assignment and start the assignment again on the date of return to work.
  • Remember, leaves without pay affect an employee's benefits; have the employee contact their Benefits Rep.

Returning From Leave of Absence

A Return From LOA PAF PDF is processed when an employee returns to work following an unpaid leave. An employee is given a new assignment and put back on the payroll. The assignment begins the day the employee returns to work and continues through the end of the fiscal year.

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