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UT Dallas - Human Resources

Vacation/Sick Leave Reporting

The Vacation/Sick Leave reporting form Excel Logo is to be completed by each employee for the recording of any vacation and sick leave taken as well as any authorized paid leave of absence.  Any leave must be taken in accordance with regulations specified in the Business Affairs Administrative Policies and Procedures Manual, Leaves of Absence, Sections D6-100.0 through D6-190.0

Authorized Leaves of Absence and Codes
Jury Duty or Court Appearance  JD
Funeral leave FL
National Guard Activation NG
Annual Military Training MT

It is the responsibility of the employee to complete the Employee Vacation/Sick Leave Reporting Form, date, sign and submit it to his/her immediate supervisor.   The supervisor must review the form for completeness and accuracy before signing and dating it.  The Employee Vacation/Sick Leave Reporting Form is the support documentation for vacation and sick leave reported on the UTD Recap Time Sheet.

The Employee Vacation/Sick Leave Reporting Form must be maintained on file within the Administrative Unit for a period of two years.