F-1 Transfer Out of UT Dallas

In order to maintain status F-1 visa holders who change universities must arrange for the transfer of their academic and immigration records. To transfer a student’s SEVIS immigration record requires coordination between the student, the UT Dallas International Student Services Office (ISSO) and the new institution.

Transfer out before attending UT Dallas

If you decide prior to leaving your home country that you will attend an institution other than UT Dallas, obtain a visa for the correct school. If circumstances changed after your departure, follow the steps below:

I. Check Transfer Timing

U.S. Department of Homeland Security regulations require all F-1 students to be enrolled in classes within 30 days of their first arrival in the U.S. Before arranging for a transfer, check that the new school’s start date is within 30 days of your U.S. arrival date

  1. If yes, you may proceed with the transfer
  2. If no, choose from the following:
    1. Enroll at UT Dallas for one semester and then transfer out
    2. Leave the U.S. and return later to attend the desired school (authorized early withdrawal, new I-20 from desired school and repayment of SEVIS fee required)
    3. Transfer to the desired school anyway. This involves losing your visa status and going through a reinstatement process to remain in the U.S. legally

Note: If you are considering options #2b or #2c mentioned above, contact a UT Dallas international student advisor for further details.

II. Request Transfer before attending UT Dallas

Submit the following to [email protected] or drop them off in the UT Dallas ISSO.

  1. UT Dallas Transfer Out Request Form
  2. Proof of admission to the transfer-in school
  3. U.S. address (even if temporary)
  4. Copy of F-1 visa
  5. Copy of UT Dallas I-20 with your signature on page 1
  6. Copy of I-94 electronic printout or copy of front and back of white card

Coordinate with the new school about obtaining a new I-20 and reporting to that school.

Transfer out for current UT Dallas students or after Optional Practical Training (OPT)

To transfer to another institution when you are current UT Dallas student or after Optional Practical Training (OPT), you need to:

  1. Gain admission to the new institution.
  2. Check what is needed by the new school to obtain a new I-20. Many schools require a form signed by an international student advisor to verify F-1 status. If so, submit the form to the UT Dallas ISSO. Note: This is an informational form, not a commitment to transfer.
  3. To request the transfer submit:
    1. Proof of admission to the new school and
    2. UT Dallas Transfer Out Request Form. This authorizes the ISSO to release your F-1 SEVIS immigration record to the new school.
  4. On the transfer release date the UT Dallas record deactivates and all UT Dallas work authorizations end. The new school now has access to your immigration information.
  5. Complete the new institution’s requirements to obtain a new I-20.

Transfer Out Timing considerations for current UT Dallas Students*

The UT Dallas Transfer Out Request Form will ask you for a “transfer out release date”. There are several things to consider when choosing this date:

  1. If you are a current UT Dallas student the date should be after the last semester of enrollment at UT Dallas. For example, if your last semester of enrollment at UT Dallas is the spring semester, you may submit the transfer-out form anytime, but the “transfer out release date” listed should be after the last day of the spring semester.

    Note: You cannot continue to work on the UT Dallas campus beyond the release date.

  2. If you are currently authorized for Optional Practical Training (OPT), the OPT automatically terminates when the “transfer-out release date” passes. You will want to choose a date that is after the last day you intend to work on OPT and no later than 60 days after the end of your OPT end date.
  3. If you are traveling internationally between the end of your last semester at UT Dallas and the first semester at the new institution, you cannot re-enter the U.S. on your current UT Dallas I-20. You must obtain a Transfer Pending I-20 from the new school and re-enter using that document.
  4. The transfer-in school may have deadlines to meet regarding transfer procedures and issuance of your new I-20. Check with the appropriate office at the new school.

Speak with a UT Dallas international student advisor if you would like assistance in determining the appropriate release date for your circumstances or have questions about the above process.