Living in Dallas

Housing Resources

Getting Around Dallas

  • Local Bus and Light Rail: Dallas Area Rapid Transit (DART) is the public transportation service.
  • Comet Cruiser (DART Route 883) is the campus shuttle service where you can connect to the DART Red Line (light rail) and other bus routes.
  • Car Sharing: UT Dallas has partnered with Zipcar to provide car sharing service on campus.  Students can register online for a membership, and rent cars to drive by the hour or by the day.
  • Driving in the U.S.

Culture Shock

There is an adjustment to living in a new country. The International Center is here to support your transition.

Here are a few ways to ease the stress:

  • Join a student organization to connect with other students on campus.
  • Get involved in campus life to meet American students, and others that share a common interest.
  • Find a department or campus resource to support your needs.
  • Visit the Student Counseling Center to talk about your adjustment experience.