Orientation Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are Pre-Arrival Modules?

Pre-Arrival Modules are online videos that you will watch prior to your arrival that will help you prepare for life in the United States and your transition to UT Dallas. The Pre-Arrival Modules are most helpful when completed soon after admission to UT Dallas.

These modules are required for all F-1 and J-1, new, overseas students. For these students, the International Student Orientation hold will be removed only after successful completion of the Pre-Arrival Modules and attending International Student Orientation.

*Please note, Pre-Arrival Modules for Fall 2019 students will be available in late June.

How do I access the Pre-Arrival Modules?

You will only be able to access the Pre-Arrival Modules once you have accepted your admission to UT Dallas. Please wait about 1 week after accepting your admission for eLearning access to appear.

Access the modules via eLearning, by logging in using your Net-ID and password. In your eLearning homepage, under “My Organizations”, click on “Pre-Arrival Modules for International Students”. If you have issues setting up your Net-ID and password, contact the Help Desk at [email protected]. If you have issues accessing the Pre-Arrival Modules, email [email protected].

What is the agenda of International Student Orientation?

Fall 2019 International Student Orientation occurs over 2 days, with both days mandatory. Day 1 starts promptly at 9:00am and will end around 2:00pm. All students should be checked in no later than 8:45am. Day 2 starts promptly at 9:00am and offers several different session each hour that students may choose to attend based on their interest. These sessions offer topics such as OPT/CPT information, finding on-campus jobs, and more.

*Please note, all students who submit a request for International Student Orientation will receive a confirmation e-mail with details about International Student Orientation 3 weeks, 1 week, and 1 day prior to your chosen date.

Do I need to take my TB test before attending International Student Orientation?

The International Student Orientation hold and TB Test hold are two different holds, handled by different departments. You are not required to take your TB test before attending International Student Orientation. To learn more about the TB requirement, view the Student Health Center Immunizations webpage.

How do I confirm my International Student Orientation date?

If you have successfully submitted the online form, your request has been received. You will receive a confirmation email, with details about International Student Orientation, closer to your International Student Orientation date.

How do I change my International Student Orientation date?

Resubmit the online registration form. Only your most recent submission will be taken into account.

How much does International Student Orientation cost?

The International Student Orientation fee is $50. The fee is charged along with your tuition and other fees, which will appear once you register for classes.

How do I get to campus?

Review the Travel Guide to UT Dallas for information regarding nearby airports and modes of transportation to campus.

What do I need to do before International Student Orientation?

Review the New International Student Checklist for a list of items which need to be completed before arrival to the U.S., and after arrival.

What do I need to bring to International Student Orientation?

Bring your passport. If needed, bring any missing admissions documents (ie. transcripts, degree certificate). Staff from the Office of Admission and Enrollment will be available to collect any missing admissions documents. If you have any questions regarding admissions documents, please contact the Office of Admission and Enrollment at [email protected].

International Student Orientation Videos

International Student Orientation – Welcome
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International Student Orientation – What to Expect
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