iGeology: Interactive Geologic 3D Tools for Integrated Problem Based Learning

Three dimensional photorealistic models of geologic outcrops have been created at UTD for over 10 years. The ‘Real’ in this context refers to accurate (down to the millimeter-level) three-dimensional models with photographic surfaces of outcrops and pieces of rocks/fossils that exist in the real world. This technology brings real world geologic field sites into undergraduate geosciences classrooms so that students can interact taking the geosciences student out of the 2D world of the textbook and into the real 3D world.

Our models are being designed to be digitized on the touch screen with a combination of software based tools and user-friendly technology on the 3D models in the lab or in the field before an actual outcrop, and transformed from the 2D screen/image surface onto the 3D model where the lines follow the contours accurately and can be viewed on a 3D high definition television.