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Information Security employees responding to incident


Education represents a commitment to share our perspective about emerging information security risks. The modern, internet-connected world offers amazing value and convenience, but also introduces new opportunities for criminals to steal information. When we recommend changes that could be disruptive to UTD operations, we strive to inform those affected in advance and educate them about “why” we are concerned and see opportunities to adjust security.


Partnership represents our desire to strengthen relationships across campus. We believe more can be achieved when teams work toward a shared goal. For example, we participate in the evaluation of new vendors and test the security of new software before decisions are finalized or websites go live on the internet. This allows for greater safety and reliability from the beginning, when it is less expensive and less disruptive.


Solutions represents our approach to building appropriate security around information assets, considering both technology and the impact on people. When we face a new security challenge, our first answer is not “no,” but rather we ask, “How?” We create conversations so risks can be measured against rewards and reasonable decisions can then be made.

Our Staff

Nate Howe headshot photo
Nate Howe
Brian McElroy headshot photo
Brian McElroy
Associate Director, Deputy CISO
Nick McCormick headshot photo
Nick McCormick
Manager, Information Security
Dalton Brown headshot photo
Dalton Brown
Manager, Information Security
David Sanzgiri headshot photo
David Sanzgiri
Manager, Information Security
Chris Giles headshot photo
Chris Giles
Sr. Information Security Analyst
Matt Willoughby headshot photo
Matt Willoughby
Sr. Information Security Analyst
Andy Cummings headshot photo
Andy Cummings
Information Security Analyst
Silas Vieira headshot photo
Silas Vieira
Information Security Analyst
Franco Covarrubias-Reyes headshot photo
Franco Covarrubias-Reyes
Information Security Analyst
Renee Stone headshot photo
Renee Stone
Administrative Assistant II
Jared Siller Ramos headshot photo
Jared Siller Ramos
Student Assistant
Sarah Burris headshot photo
Sarah Burris
Student Assistant
Bora Gomez headshot photo
Bora Gomez
Student Assistant
Saloni Shivdasani headshot photo
Saloni Shivdasani
Student Assistant
Diego Hernandez headshot photo
Diego Hernandez
Student Assistant