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One of the most frequent complaints we hear from users is that passwords are difficult to remember. Yet we also know that users are safest when they set long, unique passwords for each website they visit. To better support our faculty, staff, and students, we are offering a way to save time and frustration: LastPass. By partnering with LastPass, users now have a convenient “vault” to store and manage passwords securely. This solution is also compliant with the Information Security and Acceptable Use policy, which requires that passwords be protected.

Why use LastPass?

  • Available at no charge: Students are eligible for a FREE upgrade to LastPass Premium, and Employees are eligible for LastPass Enterprise.
  • Generate strong passwords, so you don’t have to.
  • Auto-fill login information and other form data, so you save time.
  • Cross-platform support for browsers and mobile devices.

There are three tiers of LastPass accounts. To determine which tier is best for you, please refer to the table and frequently asked questions below. For more information, contact [email protected].

For Personal Use
For Business
LastPass Free
LastPass Premium
LastPass Enterprise
Available to: Anyone Anyone with a NetID can upgrade to a LastPass Premium account at no charge UTD Employees (Student workers, faculty, and staff)
Unlimited storage for passwords and notes  check-fw
check-fw check-fw
Automatically complete logins and forms check-fw check-fw check-fw
Automatic backup & sync check-fw check-fw check-fw
Unlimited sync across all mobile / desktop devices check-fw check-fw check-fw
Store desktop application passwords x-fw check-fw check-fw
Share passwords* x-fw 1 folder / up to 5 users Unlimited
NetIDplus two-factor Authentication Limited support Available Available
ISO can provide support if master password is lost No, but recovery options may be configured within LastPass No, but recovery options may be configured within LastPass Yes, with proper approvals
Sign up here: LastPass Sign-up

In accordance with the Information Security and Acceptable Use Policy, individually-assigned passwords may not be shared. However, business requirements occasionally require a system account to be used by a group: these passwords may be shared securely via LastPass.


Why is this secure?

User data is encrypted and decrypted at the device level using AES-256 bit encryption. Your master password and the passwords in your vault remain secret, even from LastPass.

How can I make this even more secure?

  • Use a long passphrase – a minimum of 14 characters
  • Enable NetIDplus two-factor authentication

Do I really need two LastPass accounts for personal and work purposes?

ISO recommends keeping your personal passwords in a Premium account and your work-related passwords in an Enterprise account. While this may seem like extra work, it means that you won’t lose access to your personal passwords if your association with UT Dallas ends. For convenience, your accounts can be linked so you can avoid logging in and out of different LastPass accounts, while still keeping passwords separated.

Can I share passwords outside of UT Dallas?

Sharing passwords is never encouraged, and the ISO strongly cautions against losing control of your individually-assigned accounts and passwords. Whereas sharing of your personal passwords is your choice alone, work-related passwords are subject to the Information Security and Acceptable Use Policy. Individually-assigned passwords may not be shared. However, where business requirements occasionally require a system account to be used by a group, these passwords may be shared. If they are shared via LastPass, they should only be shared with other LastPass Enterprise accounts.

I have a free LastPass account; how do I upgrade to the Premium version?

It’s easy! Visit the UT Dallas enrollment page and follow the instructions. If you have questions, email [email protected].

What software is available for my various computers and devices?

You can use LastPass with all major browsers and mobile devices. The full list of supported platforms is available here.

What happens if I leave UT Dallas?

Employees will lose access to your LastPass Enterprise account when their employment ends. Individuals with an upgraded LastPass Premium account will retain access to it, but it will be converted to a Free account if no longer associated with UT Dallas.

What happens if I forget my Master Password?

For Free or Premium accounts, your recovery options are limited to what LastPass can provide. For Enterprise accounts, the ISO will provide support.