The University of Texas at Dallas Phish Bowl – Page 3, Information Security, The University of Texas at Dallas

Receive a suspicious email?

Submit phishing emails not found here to [email protected].

Note: You may receive a phishing message whose text matches an example listed here, but uses a different web URL or comes from a different address.

Please submit those versions as well so that we will be aware of them.

The Phish Bowl is a resource for faculty, staff, and students to avoid being becoming victims of phishing scams. Below is a list of phishing messages that were reported to the Information Security Office.

If you have received any of the messages listed below as a confirmed phishing email, do not reply or click the link(s) in the message; report it to the Information Security Office and forward it as an attachment, so we may analyze the email headers.

Contact the Information Security Office anytime at [email protected] to join the fight against phishing.

Migrate Outlook Account Phishing Scam

Migrate Outlook Account Phishing Scam

Google Doc Shared Phishing Scam

Purchase Order Phishing Scam