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Report Concerns

Type Description
General Issues If you need to ask a general question regarding information security or you are unsure of whether what you have witnessed is an incident, please either email us [email protected] or call us at 972-883-6810.
For missing or stolen computer equipment Please contact the campus police immediately to report stolen or missing computers. The police department will now handle these issues. Please call the police at 972-883-2222
Report an Incident Online Form (Anonymous) If you are already familiar with reporting information security incidents, we have provided an online method for quickly reporting incidents. Please complete and submit this anonymous online form.
Ethics and Compliance Hotline 1-888-228-7707. The hotline provides a confidential and assured non-retaliation way for the campus community to report instances of suspected non-compliance or unethical behavior outside the normal chain of command. This may include financial matters such as fraud, theft of University assets, or conflicts of interest; and other misconduct or violations of UT Dallas/UT System policy.
DMCA (Copyright Infringement) Email: Tim Shaw DMCA stands for Digital Millennium Copyright Act. Passed in 1998, the DMCA provides “limitations for service provider liability relating to material online” and specifically contains a section that stipulates a university’s responsibilities as an ISP.

In other words, the DMCA tells UT Dallas what it can and cannot do with respect to facilitating the transfer of files. The University as a service provider can give its users the connections they need to transfer files, but if any illegal activity is detected, the University must guarantee that the transfers have ceased. The DMCA holds the University liable if illegal file transfers persist but limits the University’s liability if it cooperates fully with every aspect of the law.