Top companies find our graduates quite alluring.

Today’s top companies demand graduates who have more than just a degree. They want leaders who are also innovative team members. Change makers. Strategic thinkers with ingenuity and agility. At UT Dallas, we’re partnering with these companies to help teach and train our students. Every year, more than 1,200 different employers—including several in the Fortune 500—hire our students as interns. It’s a model for success. A lasting partnership where everybody wins—and everybody learns something new.

Creating Successful Outcomes

The University of Texas at Dallas graduates students who are prepared for success in careers and continuing studies. In addition to their academic endeavors, students take advantage of the internship and collaborative opportunities available in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, which often result in full-time employment.

Financial Strength

Students find a great investment in attending UT Dallas. ranked UT Dallas as the third-best return on investment among Texas public universities. Students who graduate from these top colleges earn more over their lifetimes, on average, than graduates from other Texas institutions.

UT Dallas undergraduates also graduate with less debt than most students in the country, according to data from U.S. News & World Report. The magazine placed UT Dallas among the top 10 universities in the country with the fewest students carrying debt.

Career Prospects

Career success begins well in advance of graduation, so the Career Center at UT Dallas helps students chart their careers while they are pursuing their studies. Students come to realize that their academic and career goals complement one another.

Post-Graduate Pursuits

Many UT Dallas graduates decide to continue their education after graduation and go on to top law, medical and graduate schools in the U.S.

UT Dallas students have been accepted to all of the law schools in Texas and top law schools across the country, including Chicago, Columbia, Georgetown, Harvard, Michigan, Stanford, Virginia and Yale.

During the past three years, more than 500 UT Dallas students have been accepted into graduate health profession programs. Students have entered medical and dental schools throughout Texas and around the United States, including Johns Hopkins, Pritzker School of Medicine, Northwestern, Wake Forest and Yale.