General Topics

What is UT SHIP?

The UT Student Health Insurance Plan (UT SHIP) is a Blue Cross Blue Shield policy made available by the UT System to eligible students and dependents.

International students are automatically enrolled to UT SHIP. Domestic students may elect to purchase UT SHIP. For rates, coverage benefits and enrollment information, visit

How do I enroll in UT SHIP?

International students are automatically enrolled in UT SHIP when they register for classes. Domestic students can apply online at

How do I get an insurance ID card?

After your enrollment, you should receive an ID card by mail in a few weeks. If you lose your card, you can download a temporary ID card at You can also email a request for a replacement card at [email protected] or call Blue Cross Blue Shield at 855-247-7587.

I want to seek care outside the Student Health Center. How do I find a health provider in the area who accepts UT SHIP?

Visit the benefits portal at Click "Find a Doctor or Hospital" to search for hospitals or health providers by specialty, name or location.

What is a deductible? A copayment? What other insurance terms do I need to know?

A deductible is the portion of your health care that you pay before the insurance company starts covering payments. (Example: Your deductible is $500 per academic year. You would pay the full cost for doctor visits until you reach that $500, then the insurance would start paying 80 percent of your cost. You would then be responsible for 20 percent.)

A copayment is the amount you pay at the time services are rendered. Typical co-pays are for office visits, prescriptions or hospitalizations. (Example: After the $500 deductible is paid, the 20 percentthat you are responsible for would be considered the co-payment.)

To learn more about common insurance terms, view the Glossary of Health Coverage and Insurance Terms (PDF).

How can I learn more about UT SHIP or Blue Cross Blue Shield?

For details and contact information about UT SHIP or Blue Cross Blue Shield, visit

International Students

Am I required to have health insurance?

Yes. The UT System (Rule 50402) requires all international students holding non-immigrant visas and living in the U.S. to maintain approved health insurance while enrolled at component institutions of The University of Texas.

Do I have to enroll in UT SHIP?

All international students will be automatically enrolled in UT SHIP unless a waiver application is submitted and approved.

I want to get a different health insurance plan instead of UT SHIP. How do I determine if the alternate plan meets school requirements?

Visit the waiver page to learn what minimum requirements a comparable plan must meet. Contact us for specific questions regarding comparable coverage.