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Jindal Faculty and Staff Members Give Back With Internal Campaign

The Naveen Jindal School of Management has launched an internal faculty and staff campaign this spring to raise money for the University’s Realize the Vision initiative.

With less than five weeks remaining in its push, Team JSOM: United in Excellence has raised $250,000 with the help of 60 faculty and staff members.

The Jindal School is tasked with raising $50 million as part of the Realize the Vision University-wide campaign. Financial support from faculty and staff is a critical part of reaching that goal.

Team JSOM’s mission is to encourage Jindal School faculty and staff to make a financial contribution to a program or fund they find meaningful. Jennifer Johnson, director of the graduate accounting program, decided to participate because she wanted to help her students.

Johnson and members of the accounting department created a fund that will support future accounting scholars. Johnson said she wanted to help because she remembers struggling as a college student. “Think back to when you were in school and reflect upon what you needed then,” Johnson said. “Most likely it was extra financial support. We have the opportunity to give our students that extra boost.”

Faculty from the Jindal School’s Organizations, Strategy and International Management area also created a fund because they wanted to help students. This group established a fund to provide financial assistance to students participating in international study-abroad trips. They collected enough support recently to convert the fund into an endowment so that years from now, students will still benefit from this generosity.

Financial support from faculty and staff demonstrates a commitment to the Jindal School beyond daily obligations, said Erica Yaeger, assistant dean of development and alumni relations for the Jindal School.

“When faculty and staff make a financial contribution, regardless of the amount, it demonstrates a promise to support our school and advance the work being done here,” Yaeger said.

The Team JSOM campaign will run through the end of April. For additional information, contact members of the Jindal School’s Office of Development and Alumni Relations.