NetIDplus Initiative to Give a Security Boost to Online Accounts

The Information Security Office has announced an initiative to increase the protection of computer user accounts. Through NetIDplus, an additional layer of security will be available for high-risk systems.

Tools that give employees remote access to the campus network or that will let them change their direct deposit preferences in Galaxy will be the first applications protected by the improved authentication. Throughout the summer, the Information Security Office will be coordinating tests of Duo software, which powers NetIDplus.

NetIDplus protection is based on a security concept called two-factor authentication. Most people are familiar with two-factor authentication, which is used when withdrawing funds from an ATM. The two factors required for an ATM transaction are a personal identification number (something the person knows) and an ATM card (something the person possesses). For most NetIDplus users, a mobile device will serve as the second factor. A criminal may be able to steal a password but should not be able to gain access to UT Dallas systems without also stealing the user’s mobile device.

Users at other universities have experienced the painful consequences of losing control of passwords. Some users had direct deposit routing number information altered using stolen credentials. On payday they did not receive their expected deposits, which instead were deposited to accounts under the control of criminals.

By implementing NetIDplus protection, users can be more confident that the stolen paycheck scenario will not happen. To learn more about the upcoming improvements, visit the NetIDplus website, which includes frequently asked questions and a short video demonstrating the new log-on procedure. Questions and feedback may be sent to [email protected].