International Education Development Committee

The International Education Development Committee (IEDC) is a university-wide standing committee created in September 2017 and appointed by the President. The IEDC replaces the ad hoc International Partnership Development Committee (IPDC), created in November 2014, to respond strategically to the growing number of international partnerships proposed by faculty.


The IEDC is dedicated to strengthening and to enriching the development of strategic international programs and institutional partnerships that contribute to UT Dallas’ mission. The committee meets once per month as necessary to review and to discuss strategic issues of UT Dallas internationalization, including the feasibility of proposed international programs and international partnerships.

Programs and partnerships under the purview of this committee include, but are not limited to: education-abroad programs, faculty-led international programs, reciprocal student exchange agreements, affiliation agreements, degree program agreements, dual degree program agreements (undergraduate and graduate), and Cotutelle agreements.


  • Establishes guidelines and processes, suggests policy recommendations to the Council on Undergraduate Education, the Council for Graduate Education, and the Committee on Educational Policy, while proposing institutional structures to support a holistic, strategic approach to international programs and partnerships.
  • Evaluates the design and implementation of international programs and partnerships to support alignment with established institutional criteria, professional standards, best practices, and institutional mission.
  • Reviews new international program and partnership proposals and makes recommendations to the Provost and President for final approval.

IEDC Members

Title Name Policy recommendations Partnership Agreements
1 Undergraduate student representative nominated by Student Government TBA Voting member Voting member
2 Graduate student representative nominated by Student Government TBA Voting member Voting member
3 Professor, Physics Anvar Zakhidov Voting member Voting member
4 Associate Professor, Management Jane Salk Voting member Voting member
5 Professor, Material Science Engineering Manuel Quevedo-Lopez Voting member Voting member
6 Professor, Electrical Engineering Andrew Blanchard Voting member Voting member
7 Dean of Undergraduate Education and Vice-Chair Jessica Murphy Voting member Voting member
8 Dean of Graduate Education and Chair Juan Gonzalez Voting member Voting member
9 Hobson Wildenthal Honors College representative Edward Harpham Voting member Voting member
10 Vice President for Research or designee Conor Wakeman Voting member Voting member
11 International Center Interim Senior Director, Chair Josephine Vitta Voting member Voting member
12 SACSCOC Liaison Serenity King Voting member Voting member
13 Director of Admissions Michael Seeligson Voting member Non-voting member
14 University Registrar Jennifer Mcdowell Voting member Non-voting member
15 Director of Education Abroad Lisabeth Lassiter Voting member Non-voting member
16 International Partnership Development Director Rodolfo Hernandez Voting member Non-voting member

IEDC Meetings