Submitting and Executing an International Partnership Proposal

International agreements may be proposed by UT Dallas faculty or administrators who have established a relationship with an international university, and wish to formalize a partnership on the institutional level. Proposals are subject to the International Partnership Development protocol prior to implementation.

Developing an international agreement proposal

Submitting an international agreement proposal

    • Merge the Fact Sheet, Letter of Intent, and Agreement Draft in one PDF document. Append any pertinent supplemental details to the end of the document, as applicable. Examples of supplemental details include: SEPA Articulation of Transfer of Credits, attorney comments, summary of new practices, urgency petitions, etc.
    • Label the PDF document using this format: Name of Institution_Country_Type of Agreement. Example: University of Texas at Dallas_United States_Student Exchange Program Agreement.pdf
    • Submit the PDF document to [email protected].
    • Once submitted to [email protected], the proposal will automatically be added to the agenda of an upcoming International Education Development Committee (IEDC) meeting. You will receive an email confirming the time and place.*
    • Attend the IEDC meeting, scheduled on the last Tuesday of each month at 3.30 p.m. to present the proposal.

    * IEDC agenda items / proposals are added on a first-come, first-added basis. Agenda items and proposals should be submitted to [email protected] no later than the previous Thursday to the IEDC meeting (5 p.m. CT) to be included in the IEDC agenda / meeting.

    * IEDC reviews can result in several actions, including: approving as is, discussing and tabling until more information is available, or asking the petitioner to re-negotiate terms of the agreement with the partner institution.

Executing an international agreement proposal

    • The International Education Development Committee (IEDC) recommends the approval of a proposed agreement, and the International Center emails the recommendation and agreement draft to the Dean and the Sponsor.
    • The sponsor submits a copy of the agreement draft to the partner institution to collect signatures. Scanned documents are acceptable.
    • After the partner institution and UT Dallas Dean have signed, the sponsor emails the signed agreement to the International Center at [email protected]. If original signatures are required by the partner institution, the original agreement is submitted to SSB34, attention: International Partnership Development Director.
    • The International Center collects the signature of the UT Dallas Provost or President, and emails the executed agreement to the Dean and Sponsor.
    • The sponsor submits the executed agreement to the partner institution.
    • The International Center includes the executed agreement in the Portfolio of International Partnership webpage, Terradotta systems (if applicable), and other UT Dallas records.