Elizabeth Salter, PhD

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Senior Lecturer III

Ph.D., Anthropology, The University of Toronto, 1984
M.A., Archaeology, The University of Calgary, 1974
M. Museol., Museum Studies, The University of Toronto, 1972
B.A., Anthropology, The University of Toronto, 1971

Liz Salter's research and publication record is eclectic: including archaeological faunal analysis from the eastern and western Arctic, human skeletal analysis from Baffin Island, southern Ontario and a historic burial site in Toronto, human growth and development in two populations in northern Quebec, and most recently craniofacial anthropometry. Her publications range from site reports to aspects of craniofacial dysmorphology useful in diagnosing children with a variety of craniofacial anomalies. The latter was summarized in "Craniofacial Anthropometry", co-authored with John C. Kolar (Charles C. Thomas, 1997). In 1997 Liz Salter and John Kolar received the PRAXIS Award from the Washington Association of Professional Anthropologists "for excellence in applying anthropology to problems of the contemporary world."

While an Assistant Professor at the University of Toronto (1985-87), she was awarded the best teacher in the Social Sciences in 1986-87. She was also responsible for obtaining (along with John Reid) the J.C.B. Grant Skeletal Collection for the Department of Anthropology.

At the University of Texas at Dallas, Dr. Salter was appointed as the Associate Dean for the School of Interdisciplinary Studies until 2012, when she resigned from this position after 18 years of service. Her responsibilities were divided among teaching and administration. Her courses included: Bones, Bodies and Disease, the former Caribbean Research lab, Human Female: Biology and Culture, Humans: Our Place in Nature and Native American Cultures. Her administrative duties included the administration of the Undergraduate programs in Interdisciplinary Studies (catalog copy, advising, recruiting efforts, membership in the Committee on Undergraduate Education, and membership on the Core Curriculum Committee.)

As of fall 2012, Dr. Salter is teaching full time as a Senior Lecturer III. Her courses are:

ISIS 3305 Humans: Our Place in Nature (F)

ISIS 3306 Human Female: Biology and Culture (F)

ISIS 3308 Bones, Bodies and Disease (SP)

ISIS 3309 Dental Anthropology (SP)

ISIS 3338 Native American Cultures (F)

ISIS 3350 World Archaeology (F)

She is also a member of the Academic Senate, and participates in many other activities both on campus and off. Please see her posted Curriculum Vitae for more details.

Areas of Expertise

Skeletal Biology, Craniofacial Anthropometry, Aging

Field Experience: Obtained research funding and led four crews to Baffin Island (1975-1979)

Participated with Dr. Homer Montgomery on a field trip to the island of Antigua (1999)

Research Grants

1987 Ontario Heritage Foundation research grant (for curation of the J.C.B. Grant skeletal collection – $30,000), University of Toronto. I was the Principle Investigator, but the award was transferred to Dr. P. Stuart  Macadam  then at the University of Toronto as I was no longer in Toronto and no longer in a position to carry out the work.

*1975-1978 Four museum contracts, National Museum of Man, National Museums of Canada (for summer archaeological research on Baffin Island, N.W.T.)

*1975-1978 four Research grants, Arctic Institute of North America (for summer archaeological research on Baffin Island, N.W.T.)

*While I cannot remember the amounts for the museum and Arctic Institute contracts, the grants/contracts were sufficient to fund four summers of field work for crews of 2-4 people to travel to and from Baffin Island and to work there for 6 week periods.

Selected Publications

Craniofacial Anthropometry: Practical Measurement of the Head and Face for Clinical, Surgical and Research Use. (co-authored with J.C. Kolar) Charles C. Thomas, 1996.

Preoperative Craniofacial Dysmorphology in Isolated Sagittal Synostosis: A comprehensive Anthropometric Evaluation (with John C. Kolar and Seth M. Weinberg) in the Journal of Craniofacial Surgery 21(5):1404-1410 (2010).

Anthropometry (with J,C, Kolar) In: Encyclopedia of Measurement and Statistics (edited by Neil J. Salkind) Sage Publications (2006).

Preoperative Anthropometric Dysmorphology in Metopic Synostosis. (with John C. Kolar) American Journal of Physical Anthropology 103:341-351 (1997).

Three-dimensional caricatures of human heads: distinctiveness and the perception of facial age. (with A. J. O'Toole, T. Vetter and H. Volz) Perception 25:719-732 (1997).

Skeletal Biology in the Twentieth Century: from Piltdown to the Present (with J. C. Kolar) Reviews in Anthropology 22:153-164 (1993).

Selected Honors

Praxis Award 1997 (with J.C. Kolar) from the Washington Association of Professional Anthropologists for excellence in applying anthropology to problems of the contemporary world. Teaching Award  1987- Best Teacher in the Social Sciences. Awarded by the Students Administrative Council and the Association of Part-time University Students, University of Toronto. Two Teaching Awards from Who’s Who Among America’s Teachers (2002, 2004-5).

Contact Information

Hoblitzelle Hall , Room 2.114
Phone: (972) 883- 2484
Fax: (972) 883-2440
e-mail: [email protected]