Gender Studies

Our Mission

• To place gender at the center of scholarly analysis.

• To study how gender fundamentally shapes our history and culture, in ways we often overlook.

• To highlight gender as a driving force in social life for both women and men.

Our Goals

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• To examine gender as a system of ideas defining masculinity and femininity, delineating differences between the sexes, and regulating expressions of sexuality.

• To provide a rich understanding of gender as a social construction that intersects with class, race, age, ethnicity, nationality, sexual orientation, and sexual identity.

• To integrate insights about gender from the social and behavioral sciences, humanities, and the arts, and to use gender as a way to interrogate the boundaries between these existing bodies of knowledge.

• To examine the lives and experiences of groups which have been underrepresented in traditional academic work — e.g., women, ethnic and religious minorities, gays and lesbians, the poor and working class.

• To acquaint students with the fundamental methodologies of women’s and gender studies.

How Gender Studies Can Benefit You

Fuel your intellectual growth and curiosity:

  • Encounter ideologies that have been used to explain women’s and men’s natures, roles, and societal functions
  • Be exposed to new scholarship, to feminist theory, and to critiques of feminism
  • Let your coursework in Gender Studies revise and redefine scholarship in the traditional academic disciplines

For your career growth:

  • Receive useful preparation for training in the professions: education, law, health sciences, social work, policy studies, or management
  • Enhance your opportunities to pursue postgraduate training in the social sciences and the humanities
  • Be well-prepared for employment in management, human resources, public service and sales

Foster your personal growth:

  • Encounter a rich and flexible liberal arts education which integrates knowledge across traditional academic boundaries
  • Enhance your awareness of the subliminal messages you receive about gender in the media, in everyday conversation, in your personal relationships, and in social and educational institutions

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