Receive your DS-2019

A DS-2019 is required by the U.S. Department of State (DOS) as a part of the J-1 visa application. It is issued by each U.S. university or college that admits you as a prospective J-1 student. You may receive DS-2019s from more than one school. At the visa interview, you will present to the visa officer the DS-2019 from the school you wish to attend.

To receive a UT Dallas DS-2019:

  • Meet all eligibility requirements and be admitted to a UT Dallas degree seeking program (except incoming exchange students).
  • Submit the following documents to the International Student Services Office (ISSO).
    1. The Completed UT Dallas J-1 Student DS-2019 Request form.
      Page 1 – fill these fields

      • Student Name and Date of Birth. Enter your name and date of birth.
      • Section A: Select the appropriate request and attach copies of the indicated documents for your request to submit with the form.
      • Section B: Fill out all the fields with your biographical information.
      • Section C: Answer the questions.  If you answer YES to the first question collect copies of all your IAP-66s or DS-2019s to submit with this form.
      • Section D: Read and understand the mandatory U.S. Department of State J-1/J-2 insurance requirement before checking off the statement in this section.
      • Section E: Find in this section information on how to submit your application.
      • Student Signature and Date: Sign and date this page before submission to the ISSO.
    1. The Completed UT Dallas J-1 Financial Affidavit Form
    2. Financial support documents from qualifying funding sources: click for acceptable financial documents. Note: Based on the source of funding you may become subject to the Two-Year Home-Country Physical Requirement.
    3. The passport ID pages for you and your dependents (if any). The pages that shows your photo, name, date of birth, city of birth, and expiration date.
    4. Include with your application any other additional documents indicated on the form that are required for your request.
  • Submit your UT Dallas DS-2019 request documents to the ISSO through iComet.

    1. Login using your UT Dallas NetID and password.
    2. On the menu to the left, locate and click 'Prospective Students'
    3. Click 'New Admit: J-1 Student'
    4. Under Requesting Your UT Dallas DS-2019, click J-1 DS-2019 Request
      • Under Student Information, enter your first name and last name as written on your passport
      • Enter your email address
      • Enter your UTD ID number
      • Select your Intended Educational Level
      • Select Initial DS-2019 or Transfer DS-2019 to UT Dallas
      • Select Yes or No if you have dependents who will need J-2 DS-2019s
      • Under DS-2019 Information, choose your home country employer
      • Select your City of Birth
      • Select your Country of Birth
      • Select your Country of Citizenship
      • Select your Country of Legal Permanent Residence
      • Enter your Passport Expiration Date (Month/Day/Year)
      • Upload your Passport biographical page
      • Select Yes or No for Have you ever held J-1 status before?
      • If yes, upload your previous DS-2019 or IAP-66. If not, skip to next question.
      • Select Yes, No, or I Do Not Have 212e Subjectivity for Have you obtained a waiver of your 212e Home Residency Requirement?
      • Read and check the box of understanding for both statements
      • Click Submit
    5. Click J-1 Financial Affidavit
      • Select the option that best fits your situation
      • Select the source of your financial support (choose all that apply)
      • Upload financial statements/bank documents here (Please combine all documents into a single .pdf file)
      • Select Yes or No if your funding documentation includes funding form a sponsor
      • If yes, upload your UTD Financial Affidavit form with Sponsor Financial Certification completed
      • Type your full name and enter today's date
      • Click Submit
    6. If you have dependents, click Dependent DS-2019 Request. If you do not have dependents, skip to the next section.
      • Type your full name
      • Enter today's date
      • Select Spouse, Children, or Spouse and Children
      • Enter your dependent's information and upload their passport
      • Upload your Financial Documentation
      • Click Submit
    7. Click Transfer Clearance if you are transferring your DS-2019 to UT Dallas. If not, skip to the next section.
      • Enter your Current U.S. Address
      • Enter the semester you will begin study at UT Dallas
      • Select Yes or No if you will travel internationally before beginning
      • Enter Full name of Transfer Out Institution
      • Enter the SEVIS Program Number of Transfer Out Institution
      • Enter First and Last Name of RO/ARO at your current institution
      • Enter the email address of RO/ARO at your current institution
      • Re-type the email address of RO/ARO at your current institution
      • Type your full name and enter today's date
      • Click Submit
    8. Under Please Choose One Option To Receive Your UT Dallas DS-2019, click your preferred option to receive your DS-2019.
      • Choose either Complementary Express Mail through eShip Global, Pick Up Myself or Authorize Someone to Pick Up Document, or UT Dallas Departmental Pick Up
        • If you selected Express Mail, review and select ‘I Understand’ for the statement and Submit
          • Click Access eShipGlobal
          • You will be redirected to the eShip Global website
          • Register for an eShip Global account or logon with your previous account
          • Select Receive Documents from University
          • Enter your Student ID
          • Enter your Country
          • Enter Student Name or Contact Name
          • Enter Address
          • Enter City
          • Enter State/Province
          • Enter Zip Code/Postal Code (if applicable)
          • Enter Phone Number
          • Enter Email Address
          • Select DS-2019 under Type of Document
          • Click Continue
          • Select a Mailing Service, click Continue
          • You have completed your express mail request.
        • If you selected Pick Up Myself or Authorize Someone to Pick Up Document, choose Myself or Authorize Someone to Pick Up Document, click Submit
          • If you chose Authorize Someone to Pick Up Document, enter authorized person's First Name and Last Name, click Submit
        • If you selected UT Dallas Departmental Pick Up, enter the name of the Academic Department, the first and last name of the Department Contact, the email address and phone number of the Department Contact, click Submit
  • Confirm if based upon your funding, you are subject to the 2 Year Home Country Physical Presence Requirement.

How to Receive Your UT Dallas DS-2019

  • Express Mail Option

    The ISSO will mail your DS-2019 by express mail free of charge. Remember to set up your express mail request through iComet.

  • Authorize Friend or Family Member to Collect Your DS-2019

    If you prefer, you may authorize someone to collect your DS-2019 from the ISSO. Provide the name of the authorized person through iComet when submitting your DS-2019 documents.

  • Request Your Academic Department to Collect DS-2019

    After you have confirmed that someone from your academic department is willing to collect your DS-2019 and send it to you, please provide the name of the departmental contact and department name through iComet when submitting your DS-2019 documents.

  • Regular Mail

    If you do not select express mail or authorize someone to collect your DS-2019, the ISSO will send your DS-2019 by U.S. standard mail to the “SEVIS-Foreign” address listed in the UT Dallas Galaxy system unless you send a different address to the ISSO. Please note that U.S. standard mail takes 4-6 weeks for delivery, and the DS-2019 does not have a tracking number.

Preparing for Your Visa Interview

Below is important information that you will need when applying for a J-1 visa

  • UT Dallas’ school code: DAL214F00379000
  • UT Dallas’ J-1 program number: P-1-03246
  • How to pay the mandatory SEVIS I-901 Fee

Additional information on documents for the visa application may be found at