Financial Documents for I-20

What to submit:

To request a UT Dallas I-20, submit the following to the International Student Services Office (ISSO):

  1. The completed UT Dallas financial affidavit.
  2. A copy of your passport.
  3. Supplemental funding documents, if applicable.

How to submit

You can submit the above documents to the ISSO:

  • In person — Submit to the ISSO during office hours.
  • By mail — Additional electronic copies are not required.
    • International Student Services
      The University of Texas at Dallas
      800 W. Campbell Road, SSB34
      Richardson, TX 75080-3021
  • By e-mail — Additional paper copies are not required.
    • If you are a newly admitted student, submit your documents through the iComet Portal –
    • If you are currently enrolled, e-mail your documents to [email protected].
    • Verify that the total size of attachments in one e-mail is no larger than 5MB. Do not send files in compressed formats, such as .rar or .zip. Instead, use a PDF, JPEG or DOC format.

UT Dallas Financial Affidavit for F-1 Students

Most United States Consulates or Embassies will require original copies of all financial documents, including bank statements, when you apply for an F-1 visa, however you may submit copies to ISSO for the purpose of obtaining a UT Dallas I-20.

Indicate your name as it appears on your passport, your UTD ID and your date of birth in mm/dd/yyyy format.

Reason for Submitting Financial Affidavit

Please select the reason for submitting the Financial Affidavit that applies to you.

Student Financial Certification

All students must hand sign the form. Please do not type in your name.

Source of Financial Support

Please indicate the source of your financial documents. You may select more than one source of financial support.

Sponsor Financial Certification

This section is only required if you have financial sponsors who are individuals. If you have more than three sponsors, attach an additional UT Dallas Financial Affidavit with the additional signatures.

Bank Certification

You may either have the bank complete this section, or attach a supplemental funding document. Examples of supplemental funding documents include: copy of bank statement or letter, scholarship letter, UT Dallas assistantship letter, or government funding support letter. All supplemental funding documents must meet the requirements listed on the Supplemental Financial Support Documents Requirements section below.

Estimated Expenses

To see how much funding you must show in order to receive a UT Dallas I-20, visit the ISSO Estimated Expenses for I-20 webpage at

Current and admitted students may obtain an estimate of their tuition and fees from their Orion Self-Service portal.

Note: These estimates are subject to change without prior notice; the exact costs of attendance will vary by student and will be determined at the point of course registration.

Supplemental Financial Support Document Requirements

If the Bank Certification section of the UT Dallas financial affidavit form is not completed by the bank, you can submit supplemental financial support documents. The supplemental financial support documents must meet all of the requirements listed below. If any of the following elements are missing, the document(s) cannot be used for the I-20. All documents must have an issuance date no older than 12 months from the date the ISSO advisor reviews your financial documents, unless otherwise specified.

Please keep in mind, you will need to show sufficient financial support documents as a part of your F-1 visa interview. It can be beneficial to carry more recently issued financial documents to your visa interview.

Bank Statement

  • All statements must be in English
  • Bank letterhead
  • Account holder name using English alphabet
  • Type of Liquid Account
    • Checking
    • Savings
    • Deposit
    • Etc.
  • Balance of the Account
  • Date of Issuance

Mock/Sample Bank Statement

Loan Sanction Letters

  • The statement must be in English
  • Must be Sanctioned “, In-Principle” Sanctioned, or approved
  • All borrowers/co-borrowers must hand sign the UT Dallas Financial Affidavit.
  • Date of Issuance
  • Bank/Institution letterhead
  • The principal amount of loan being given

Mock/Sample Loan Sanction Letter

Salary Statements:

  • The statement must be on official company letterhead.
  • The sponsor’s name must be visible on the statement.
  • Salary statement must show the amount of money your sponsor makes per year. We can apply up to one third of the total annual base salary towards the required funding for your I-20.
  • The statement should be signed by someone with signatory authority, such as Human Resources or a supervisor.
  • Must have an issuance date no older than 6 months from the date the ISSO advisor reviews your financial documents.
  • The statement needs to be in English.

Investment Accounts

Investment accounts and provident funds may be accepted as long as the financial institution signs page 2 of the UT Dallas Financial Affidavit or the account statement specifies how much is available in liquid funds.

UT Dallas Scholarship or Assistantship Letter

  • The letter must meet these requirements:
    • Must be on the UT Dallas institution letterhead
    • Have the student’s full name
    • Have a description of the award and the amount, including the period of time when it is effective
    • Signed by the institution or UT Dallas academic department representative
    • Emailed notifications of scholarships cannot be used towards the UT Dallas I-20.
  • Health insurance coverage is assumed to be only for the student, unless the letter specifies that it covers spouse and/or child(ren)
  • Students who are receiving a COHORT MBA award must submit a signed letter accepting/declining the conditions of their offer.
  • Where the award letters have contingent awards for future semesters we will only consider the awards for the fall and spring semesters, not the summer. (for example, "Renewal of the
    assistantship for spring and summer semesters will be determined by student performance and availability of funds)

Business Sponsors

If your education is being sponsored by a business, not an individual you must provide:

  • A letter from the owner of the company on company letterhead. This letter must state that business funds can be used towards the student’s education.
  • The company must also provide a bank letter or statement that conform to the requirements above

UT Dallas Financial Affidavit for F-2 Students

Submit this form only if you have dependents coming to, or remaining in the U.S., or if you wish to remove your dependents from your SEVIS F-1 record.

Select the F-2 action requested

Select the action you are requesting. Sign and date in the corresponding box.

Dependent Information

If you are adding or removing your dependents from your SEVIS record, fill out their information below. Please submit a copy of your dependent’s passports.

Please note, if your dependent is currently in the U.S., and you plan to change their current status to F-2, the dependent will need to maintain a valid non-immigrant status up until the F-2 status is approved.

Estimated Expenses

Please note, adding or removing dependents from your SEVIS record can affect your estimated expenses. To see how much funding you must show in order to receive an updated UT Dallas I-20, visit the ISSO Estimated Expenses for I-20 webpage at

These estimates are subject to change without prior notice; the exact costs of attendance will vary by student and will be determined at the point of course registration.