Maintain Your Form I-20

F-1 regulations require students to possess valid, up-to-date Form I-20. There are a variety of situations that may arise that require a student to update the information on his or her I-20.

Official Change of Name

If your name has officially changed, you must report that change to the UT Dallas ISSO and update your Form I-20. Submit an I-20 Reprint request through iComet with a copy of the ID page of your passport showing the new name. For all of your school records to match, you will need to submit a copy of the new passport to the Registrar's Office, as well.

Change of Finances

You may update the finances portion of your Form I-20 at any time. Submit:

Adding Dependents

You may add dependents (spouse and/or children) to your Form I-20. Submit:

Contact an international student advisor for more information regarding dependent issues, such as change of status or obtaining an F-2 visa.

See F-2 Dependents for more information.

Change of Major

If your academic major is changing and a new I-20 is required, it will be issued by the UT Dallas ISSO after classes begin in the semester of the new major. You will be sent an e-mail when the I-20 is ready to be picked up. If you have not received an email, and verified that your major is correct in Galaxy, please contact an international student advisor.

Change of Level

The U.S. Department of Homeland Security refers to certain changes between programs as a “change of level.” If you fit in one of the following situations, you must acquire a Change of Level I-20 to maintain F-1 visa status:

  • Graduating from one degree program and starting another within five months. 
  • Moving from one degree program to another on a different educational level. For example, moving from a PhD to a Master's program without completing the PhD.
  • Completing OPT and starting a new degree program within 5 months.
  • Moving from OPT to a new program before the OPT end date. 


See the Change of Level page for more information.

Program Extension

F-1 students are required to complete their academic programs within an estimated period of time. If you are not able to complete your program before the end date on your I-20, you may be eligible for an extension of stay. Submit:

See Extension of Stay for more information.

*Proof of Funds

A new I-20 requires proof of funds sufficient for one year of estimated expenses and the UT Dallas Financial Affidavit. If you have questions about funding requirements to obtain a new I-20, please contact an international student advisor.