Acceptable Financial Documents

The bank statement or bank letter must have all of the requirements listed below. If any of the following elements is missing from your bank statement or bank letter, the document cannot be used for the DS-2019:

  • The bank statement or bank letter must be on the institution letterhead.
  • The account holder’s name. The name must be written in English. The name must match the sponsor’s name in the UT Dallas J-1 Financial affidavit.
  • The last four digits of the account number (if applicable).
  • The type of account. The account must verify liquid assets. If the type of the account is not clear on the statement, submit a letter from the bank clarifying the type of the account. The type of accounts that most commonly indicate liquid assets are: checking, savings, or deposit accounts.*
  • The balance at the time of issuance. This may be in any currency; does not have to be in U.S. dollars.
  • The date of issuance. The document cannot be used for the DS-2019 if at the time of evaluation more than 6 months have passed from the date the document was issued unless it is a deposit account which meets the requirements below.

Special Instructions

  1. Loan Sanction Letters
    • The letter must state that it is a “In Principle Sanction Letter”
    • The amount of the loan cannot be variable.
  2. Solvency Statements
    • The only accepted parts are those which list a liquid asset/account and the exact balance at the time the statement was issued.

*Note: The following types of funds cannot be used for DS-2019 purposes: retirement accounts, property statements, investment account statements, chartered accountant statements, solvency or financial capability certificates, life insurance statements, most solvency statements, and salary statements.