The Office of the Associate Dean for Research fosters the growth of research opportunities within the Erik Jonsson School of Engineering and Computer Science. Our faculty and student researchers work on innovative solutions to complex problems in a wide range of engineering disciplines, and collaborate with industry and other academic institutions to provide research results that positively impact society.

Jonsson School Center Initiative Program

In order to foster the establishment of major collaborative centers, the Office of the ADR will provide financial support for faculty to explore planning workshops and draft multi-university/multi-investigator center grants to organizations such as the Department of Defense, National Science Foundation, and National Institutes of Health.

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If a faculty member wishes to extend his/her start-up funds, please communicate first with the ADR, and we will work up a plan and draft a memo with details. Once completed, this will be shared with the ADR’s recommendation with Dean Adams who will make the final decision.
To accomplish this – the faculty member should submit a short memo with the following 3 pieces of information:

  1. Available Funds: short summary of current available now (areas: student support, equipment, travel), and what will be available when the start-up date is reached.
  2. Plan for Spending: short summary of a plan to use these funds in the extended period (how will these funds be leveraged for new proposals? Support new collaboration efforts?)
  3. Past/Current Research Projects: a short listing of the grants received so far (as well as those submitted/in review).


There are a number of federal programs that require matching support for grants. If a faculty member needs matching support, please contact the ADR in advance to get this process started. We normally use PhD RA tuition, as well as % of the faculty member’s AY salary associated with research to obtain the base match; this can be supplemented with Jonsson School matching funds (support for travel, mini-workshops for multi-PI grants, etc). Once we have a letter in place, the ADR works with the VPR to obtain the University commitment. If there are funds committed directly from the Jonsson School, a recommendation is made to Dean Adams, who provides feedback/decision before we go to the VPR for the University commitment (normally a portion of the ICR return).