Online Winter Camp on Neuroscience &  Cognitive Behavior 

December 28-31: 2-4pm

Camp Director: Meenakshi Maitra, Ph.D

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Camp fee: $100 until Dec 20 (with $25 automatic discount)

There will be 2 information sessions for this camp @ Saturday, Dec 12 @ 3pm & Sunday, Dec 20 @ 6pm. Interested parents & students are encouraged to attend one of these sessions to get more information.

Date Day Time Lecture Topic
December 28th Monday 2pm-4pm CST Neuroanatomy (Introduction to the anatomical organization and basic functional principles of the Central Nervous System)


December 29th Tuesday 2pm-4pm CST Neuroplasticity (Teaching the old brain new tricks!)


December 30th Wednesday 2pm-4pm CST Neurodegenerative Disorders (Focus on Alzheimer’s Disease)


December 31st Thursday 2pm-4pm CST Neuroscience of Emotional impact of Learning



All Lectures will be kept engaging with the help of anatomical model demonstrations, video clips of actual laboratory experiments and insights from neuroscientists and neurologists.

While we believe $100 fee is reasonable for 4 day camp & we need the fee to cover our expenses, we also believe that NO child should be left behind due to financial difficulties. Low income families can submit the reduced/FREE meals certificate from your school or the first page of 2019 year tax return to [email protected] and request for 50% discount. We may reduce the fee further under extraordinary circumstances.