Welcome to 2020 Fall term!

We hope you had a productive Summer under the circumstances! Did you miss to attend our virtual summer camps? Or, do you want your kids to continue learning in the weekends? We got you covered!

Since most school students are attending the school online, we decided to offer FREE Coding Clubs on Saturdays (start on September 12) – everyone is welcome to attend! See our Facebook events page (Facebook account not required to access). Also, we encourage the high school students to join CS Outreach Meetup and attend as many events as possible – we offer a wide variety of CS related events for college students and community. Check our calendar to see the schedule for upcoming events.

If a school/PTA is interested to run a virtual coding club exclusively for their students, payment is required to cover the instructor cost. See utdallas.edu/k12/access for details.

If you would like to introduce / improve coding skills for your children in your own schedule, one-on-one private tutoring may be the way to go! One friend can join for FREE as well – cost is $16 per hour. Details @ utdallas.edu/k12/custom

Fall Break Virtual Coding Camps
Monday-Wednesday, Nov 23-25, 2020

Since most schools are closed for whole week for Thanksgiving break, we will be offering a few popular coding camps for 3 days in online format. Morning session will run 9am to 12noon and afternoon session will run 1-4pm on each day.

Registration & camp details will be posted by October 1st.