Presidents’ day Coding Workshops on Presidents’ day, Feb 16


Since UT Dallas will be in session on Presidents’ day (Monday, Feb 16th), we cannot use the Computer labs. Each partiicpant should bring own Windows laptop. MacBook is OK for Logo and Processing too. Workshop will run 9am to 4pm & the lunch will be served @ 12 noon. You can drop as early as 8am in the morning and pickup as late as 5pm. Workshops with 3 or fewer registrations will be cancelled on Friday, Feb 13th. So, we encourage you to register and encourage your friends to register as well.


Registration fee: $30

Registration link:





Coding with Sphero!

3rd to 5th graders

We will develop simple programs using Graphical tools to control Sphero robotic balls (each participant should bring an iPad or Android tablet).

Math to life using Logo!

4th to 5th graders & younger ones who have completed Scratch

We will cover math concepts like addition, multiplication, angles, & remainder using graphical programming logo. See for details.

Kodu Game Lab

Middle school students

In Kodu Game Lab, games can be programmed using a combination of the keyboard and mouse in a graphical environment. Many different types of games can be made in Kodu, such as racing, strategy, RPGs, adventure, platform, puzzle, 1st person shooters, and others.

Alice 3.1 programs to Java apps

Middle school students who already know Alice &  high school students

This workshop is for  (It is OK for high school students to take this workshop directly). Alice 3.1 is a new version of Alice with better graphics. More importantly, Alice programs can be imported into Java environment, then we can modify the Java code for additional functionality that cannot be achieved in Alice, like dynamic creation of objects.

Advanced animations using Processing

School students with programming background in JavaScript/Java/C++

This workshop is for . Compared to Khan Academy JavaScript, Processing library has additional functionality like transperancy & 3D mapping. They can be used to make realistic graphical designs.

Introduction to 3D printing

7th grader and up

First we will briefly cover “what is 3D printing” & “Why is 3D printing”, then most of the time will be spent on “how to do it” in our 3D printer.