Equal Opportunity, Access, Discrimination and Privacy

Students at UT Dallas are encouraged to become familiar with their rights and responsibilities.

The following links provide information about the University's policies and procedures regarding affirmative action in employment, the Americans with Disabilities Act, Sexual Harassment, Discrimination, Gender Equity, and the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA).

Equal Educational Opportunity and Access
- Affirmative Action in Employment
- Americans with Disabilities Act
- Sexual Harassment & Discrimination
- Title IX (Gender Equity)

FERPA (Right to Privacy)

- includes a web form for reporting violations

UT Dallas Handbook of Operating Procedures

- Academic Integrity
- Avoiding the Big Four
- Behavior Assessment and Intervention Team (BAIT)
- Scholastic Dishonesty
- Student Grievances

Racial Profiling

- UT Dallas Police Department's policy statement PDF (Requires Adobe Reader)

- Senate Bill 1074, 77th Legislature, Enrolled Text PDF (Requires Adobe Reader)

- Senate Bill 1074, 77th Legislature, Analysis PDF (Requires Adobe Reader)



Updated: February 2, 2016