McLemore Nominations

Nomination Eligibility

Persons meeting the following requirements are eligible for consideration:

  • Benefits-eligible employees of The University of Texas at Dallas Libraries
  • Minimum of two years continuous service at UT Dallas Libraries, up to and including April 12, 2019.
  • Must be nominated by colleagues
  • Have not received this award within the past two years

The Library Director, Associate Library Directors, and members of the McLemore Committee are ineligible to receive the award.


Nomination Guidelines

The Ethel Ward-McLemore Award for Library Excellence will be conferred upon staff members
who have demonstrated the highest standards of library service.

  1. You can nominate a staff member by filling out the form at the bottom of the page.
  2. You may nominate more than one staff member per year.
  3. A separate nomination form must be submitted for each person you wish to nominate.
  4. Previously-submitted nominations do not “carry over” from year to year. If you submitted a nomination for an eligible staff member in a prior year, you may nominate them again now if they are still eligible. However, you must submit a new nomination form for the 2019 committee to review.
  5. It is essential to include specific examples illustrating why your nominee deserves the award.


2020 McLemore Committee Members

Carina Corsiga, Susan Fisher, Ryan Slattery, and Matt Makowka


2020 Eligible Staff


John Acord
Travis Goode
Jady Neal

Thomas Allen
DeAnn Hegi
Marcos Ortega

Sheila Blankenship
Loreen Henry
Allison Osborn

Kelyn Carcamo
Madeline Hoff
Davin Pate

Jocelyn Chebbour
Carion Jackson
Khristopher Pegram

Mingyu Chen
Brooke Johnson
Slavko Ravlija

Rachel Clark
Misu Kim
Anna Rockey

Allen Clayton
Christina Loving
Alexander Rodriguez

Emlyn Cong
Jill McDermott
Una Scott

Cory Cornett
Bill Mikesell
Sharon Tadlock

Mirsad Dautovic
Chris Milazzo
Merry Trujillo

Jesse Davis
Carly Mitchell
Kreg Walvoord

Linda DePhillips
Marna Morland
Matt Young

Chris Edwards
Patrizia Nava
Cassandra Zawojek



Page Last Updated: April 14, 2020