Circulation & Checkout Policies

This policy defines the privileges and responsibilities of persons who borrow materials from the Libraries at the University of Texas at Dallas. These policies are continually reviewed and revised by appropriate UT-Dallas administrators to reflect current library operations.

Eligibility and Identification

The checkout period varies by affiliation, collection within the library, and patron status (undergraduate, graduate, faculty). The following is a list of eligible borrowers with the appropriate checkout periods for the general circulating collection.
Borrowers Checkout Period Maximum Items
UT-Dallas Faculty and Lecturers Semester 300
UT-Dallas Doctoral and Masters Students, and Library Professionals Semester 150
UT-Dallas Undergraduates and Staff 21 days 50
McDermott Library Friends * 21 days 5
UT-Dallas Retirees 21 days 5
TexShare Graduates & Undergraduates 21 days 5
TexShare Faculty and Staff 21 days 5
TexShare Public 21 days 5
Visiting Scholar (UTD sponsor required) 21 days 5

* Please also check our Library Checkout policies for visitors
To borrow materials, eligible users must present their valid Comet Card or TexShare card. TexShare card holders who are not affiliated with UT Dallas must also present a valid Texas driver's license or state ID card in order to check out materials.

Borrower Responsibilities

Borrowers are responsible for any materials checked out on their library cards. Borrowers are responsible for returning materials by the due date and time. Circulation staff will issue a return receipt upon request. Borrowers are responsible for providing a current local mailing address, email address, and telephone number in order to receive timely information from the UT-Dallas Libraries. Library users are also responsible for notifying the UT-Dallas Libraries when their UT-Dallas ID or TexShare card has been lost or stolen. Patrons are responsible for all library material charged to their account until they notify the Library staff of a lost card.


A valid user may be prevented from borrowing materials for the following reasons:
  • Exceeding the limit for outstanding fines and/or fees (see Fines below)
  • Exceeding the limit for the number of books checked out (see Limits on the number of items below)
  • Exceeding the limit of overdue items (see Fines below)
  • Ignoring an overdue recall
  • Abusing TexShare privileges
  • Writing a bad check or using a fraudulent credit card

Confidentiality of Records

In accordance with the Attorney General of Texas Open Record Decision No. 100, the UT-Dallas Libraries will not release any information about a borrower including name, UTD ID, or any checkout information.


Borrowers may renew materials at the Circulation Desk through the online catalog. In addition, borrowers may call the McDermott Library Circulation Desk at (972)-883-2953 and have their materials renewed. There are limits on the number of renewals based on your borrower level (faculty, adjunct faculty, UTD students, etc.) The item will not be renewed if it has been recalled for another borrower(see Exceptions above). Student privileges are based on semester enrollment and material cannot be renewed if your borrowing privileges have expired. If the borrower does not have a valid borrower's card, material cannot be renewed.


A RECALL allows a patron to request materials that are checked out. A user may submit a recall request through the online catalog. The current borrower has use of most circulating/non-Reserve material for a minimum of 21 days. Checkout periods for faculty, doctoral candidates and lecturers will be shortened by the Library in the case of a recall. The initial borrower will be notified by email or mail of the change in your due date (the Library uses the latest information from UTD Records Department). An item can be recalled from the initial borrower after they have had it for 21 days. When the item is returned, the requestor is notified and the item is held at the Circulation Desk for 7 days. UT-Dallas Libraries staff may ask a borrower to return material for use in course reserves. If the item is not returned by the new due date, recall fines will go into immediate effect.


If any material is missing from the shelves, library staff will search for an item upon request at the Circulation Desk. The requestor will be notified of the search results. If located, the material is held at the Circulation Desk for 7 days.

Due Dates

Patrons who checkout items from the UT-Dallas Libraries are sent an e-mail receipt that indicates when the materials are due back to the library. In most cases, the e-mail is sent to the borrower’s UT-Dallas e-mail address and includes the following information:
  • title and author of the material
  • due date and time
On the 2nd of every month, borrowers will receive an e-mail that lists the titles and due dates of the materials they have checked out. Material must be returned by the due date and time to avoid a fine. A registration block will be initiated for students who fail to abide by this policy.

Length of Checkout

Depending upon the frequency of use, the type of patron (UTD faculty, student, courtesy card user, etc.), and the type of material, the policy concerning the circulation of the material varies by location.
McDermott Library Location Length of Checkout
Main Stacks Minimum 21 days
Periodicals, Microforms, Reference Library Use Only
Government Documents (except as designated) Minimum 21 days
Computer Passwords for: CD, FD, Community User and Digital Microfilms workstations 60 minutes
Laptops and Accessories 6 hours or 3 days
Study Rooms 2 hours *
Road Maps Minimum 21 days
UTD dissertations In Library use only
UTD Master theses In Library use for 4 hours only
Compact Disks (CDs, FDs) Varies
Videorecordings, audio CDs, DVDs 14 days
Digital Cameras 7 days
Calculators 7 days
Special Collections see Special Collections Policies and Procedures
Reserve (hourly reserves cannot leave the library) Minimum 2 hour, 1 day, 3 day, 7 day
Media Reserve (cannot leave the library) 4 hours
Wall maps Semester loan- faculty only
Interlibrary Loan items Period set by lending library
      * Hold reservations can be made the same day of checkout at the Circulation Desk.
         Available for reservation by students ONLY.

Callier Center Library Location Length of Checkout
Main Stacks Minimum 21 days
Periodicals, Reference 1 day
Reference Item 1 hour
Compact Disks (CDs) Varies
Video Recordings and Audio Cassettes 7 days
Reserve Minimum 2 hour, 1 day, 3 day, 7 day
Interlibrary Loan Items Period set by lending library
Assessment Tests Restricted to UTD affiliates - 7 Days; no renewal
Out of Date Assessment Tests 7 days; no renewal

Overdue Notifications

Material is due on the date printed on the "Date due slip". If material has been recalled by a patron, an email is sent to the patron with the item title stating the new due date. The material must be returned by the new due date.
The library is not responsible for notifying borrowers that materials are overdue, but the Library sends a notice as a COURTESY. The library is NOT responsible for late or non-delivery of notices. Please advise the Library of a change in your email, address, or telephone number to avoid not receiving notifications about your account.


Late Return of Reserves

Checkout Type Fine Rate Maximum Fine
2 Hour $.10/minute $50.00+ processing and replacement costs
1 day, 3 Day, 7 Day, Callier tests $10.00/day $50.00+ processing and replacement costs

Late Return of All Other Materials

Item Type Fines Maximum Fine
Main Stacks Items* $0.50/day $30
Interlibrary Loan Materials $0.50/day $30
Reserves $0.10/minute $50
Digital Cameras and
$1/day $50
Computer Passwords for: CD, FD, Community User and Digital Microfilms workstations $0.10/minute $50
Laptops - 6 Hours $0.10/minute $50
Laptops - 3 Days $10.00/day $50
Study Rooms $0.10/minute $50

*Note: if an item is recalled, the fine becomes $1.00 per day. The maximum fine is $50.00 plus processing and replacement costs. Recall fines are in addition to regular fines. This policy applies to ALL borrowers. Faculty members incur no fines if item is not recalled.

Lost Materials

If an item that a borrower has checked out is lost, the borrower will be assessed a replacement fee that reflects the current retail value of the material. Materials that are kept 60 days or more overdue are considered lost. In addition to replacement fees, the borrower will be assessed a $25 processing fee, as well as any overdue fines that may apply.

If an item considered lost is returned after replacement fees have been paid by the borrower, the fees may be refunded if the item is returned before the library has replaced it with a new copy

Damaged Materials

If a borrower returns an item that the library considers to be irreparably damaged, the borrower is responsible for the replacement fee. The replacement fee reflects the current retail value of the material. In addition to replacement fees, the borrower will be assessed a $25 processing fee, as well as any overdue fines that may apply.

Damaged items are not returned to the borrower.

Proxy Patrons

A faculty member may appoint students or staff members as proxy patrons to check out materials on the Faculty member's account. Proxy patrons must be UT Dallas students or staff with a valid current UTD ID (Comet Card) and must be approved by the Head of Access Services.

Suspension of Privileges

Library privileges may be suspended for borrowers who fail to abide by the provisions of this policy or who have unpaid library charges. The Library will block a borrower's UTD course registration for any library account that includes unpaid charges totaling over $50 resulting from the non-return of lost materials including interlibrary loan materials. The Library will block the issuance of transcripts for any library account having over $25 in unpaid library fines. Library privileges may be suspended for borrowers who fail to abide by the provisions of this policy or who have unpaid library charges.


Initial inquiries concerning a fine or the suspension of privileges should be made at the Circulation Desk. Unresolved issues can be submitted through an Appeal A Library Fine form.